The aptly named for a Home Theater PC, the Mozart IP from Thermaltake is an orchestration in design and function. It is capable of connecting to more portable media devices than most other Home Theater PCs, (including the iPod), the Mozart IP looks great and works pretty darned well too!


For those of us who have an iPod, 30GB, 60GB or 80GB, it’s pleasing to know that Thermaltake has an iPod dock built into the front of their HTPC case. The door of the iPod dock flips down much like a cassette player from your antique Hi-Fi, and you slide in the iPod in face down. Closing the door seals the iPod to the front of the Mozart IP, but you still have access to the click-wheel and screen. In case you get tired of having to get up every time you need to change playlists there’s an included remote that also controls your iPod from the comfort of your sofa. For those who don’t own an iPod, there are five 3.5” bays internally, two 5.25” bays accessible from the front and an extra 5.25” accessory bay, for additional drives and plug in devices. So you don’t need to own an iPod to have a reason to own the Mozart IP – there’s more than enough space for hard drives or optical drives, which really means that the iPod dock is just an accessory to the whole package, a nice touch to a nice design.

The Mozart IP comes in either silver or black, and both has a nice brushed aluminum front. You can choose between a Mozart IP packed with a media kit or an empty unit so you can fully customize the internals. Having it empty would be a better decision for most as you can choose between installing a Micro ATX or standard ATX motherboard and seven expansion slots allow your choice of media cards. A slot at the front just below the front drive bay is the viewing pane for a VFD display such as the iMon SoundGraph. Ports at the front of the unit connect to a microphone, headphone, two USB 2.0s and a FireWire port. A single front 80mm intake fan and dual rear 60mm exhaust fans keep the unit cool internally and gold plated foot stands keep things stylish externally.

The Thermaltake Mozart IP is a unique design, and is the first PC to include a dedicated iPod dock. It’s stylish and very customizable. Whatever your plan, the Thermaltake Mozart IP is one candidate you shouldn’t overlook when shopping for your next Home Theater PC.

Source: Thermaltake

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