200801007_11.pngThe competitive friction. The dollar signs. And the high profile endorsements.

No, I’m not talking about any of the recent Democratic and Republican primaries. I’m talking about the heretofore everlasting battle between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

The war waging between the two brands to become the “VHS” of the high definition disc format has been steaming hot and extraordinarily heavy. Just a couple of months ago there seemed to be no end in site. But since this year’s CES in Las Vegas, and a couple of key endorsements from Warner Bros and National Geographic, it seems that the blueprints are being drafted for the eminent tombstone of the HD-DVD format.

The buzz around the industry has been increasing and everything seems to be headed towards “all things Blu-Ray”. Rightfully so. Take a look at the following articles pulled within the last two days from various newswires:

Post CES Advantage: Sony Blu-ray

…The so-called DVD “format wars” earlier this month shifted in favor of Sony Corp.’s Blu-ray disc when Warner Bros. Entertainment announced it would exclusively release high-definition movies in that format. The loss of Warner’s support does not bode well for HD DVD, the competing high-definition offering made by Toshiba in Tokyo. But it does for Sony, also in Tokyo. And it also bodes well for retailers…
Schenectady Gazette: ’Warner Bros. support for Blu-ray deals blow to HD DVD

Nat’l Geographic Jumps Ship

…Warner’s move to Blu-ray exclusivity has swayed yet another distribution partner to follow suit, with National Geographic confirming that it too will drop HD DVD support in favor of Blu-ray. Distributed under the Warner umbrella along with New Line Home Entertainment, HBO Home Video and BBC Home Video, National Geographic had been format-neutral, releasing only one title thus far, ‘Relentless Enemies,’ on both Blu-ray and HD DVD…
HighDef Digest: National Geographic Makes Move to Blu-ray Exclusivity

Woolworth’s Dumps a Dog

…Woolworth’s has pulled its support for HD-DVD and will no longer stock videos that feature the next-generation, high-definition DVD format. The U.K. retailer made the decision based on the strength of sales of Blu-ray DVDs during the holiday shopping season, when discs that use Sony’ Corp.’s high-definition video format outsold HD DVDs by a 10-to-1 margin…
ComputerWorld: Woolworth dumps HD DVD, focuses on Blu-ray

Microsoft Double Talks

…As for possibly supporting Blu-ray, [Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business] Jeff Bell’s answer actually revealed a bit of insight into Microsoft’s general interaction with Sony at a competitive and even cooperative level:
“You know, interestingly, we have a long history of partnership with Sony. Obviously, they run our software on their personal computers and other devices, so we have a ‘coopetition’ — a word I learned at Microsoft when I joined. We’ve been talking to Blu-ray all along because we have the best piece of software in the business, called HDi. It is the backbone that powers interactivity in HD-DVD and we have that available to potentially partner with others,” he explained…
GameDAILY Biz: We’ve Been Talking to Blu-Ray All Along

And to the Victor Go the Spoils

…NPD, which broke from policy to comment on its weekly share data, confirmed that dedicated HD DVD player share dropped precipitously compared to dedicated Blu-ray models during the week ending Jan. 12, after being only slightly ahead of HD DVD the week ending Jan. 5. Video game consoles were not part of the study. According to retail point-of-sale data (sell-through to consumers) that NPD would release publicly for the week ending Jan. 12, Blu-ray player sales accounted for 90 percent of unit and dollar share, compared with 7 percent unit share and 4 percent dollar share for HD DVD players. The remaining share went to Blu-ray/HD DVD combo players…
BroadcastNewsroom.com: NPD Confirms Huge Blu-ray Share Jump

The news of Blu-Ray’s recent momentum has been well received by many industry insiders and consumers alike. However, the strongest criticism on the net seems to fizzle down to forums and blogs consumed with die-hard Xbox 360 fans (also, apparently known as fanboys) who won’t play into any reports of Microsoft giving in to Blu-Ray’s (a.k.a PS3’s) eminent victory in the HD format wars.

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