acer-monitor.jpgI’ve finally got fed up with my 17-inch monitor and I find myself in search of a widescreen display that offers a high resolution, fast response time and isn’t loaded with extra features. Most importantly, I want to upgrade without it causing me to totally empty out my piggy bank.

So, during my search I came across the Acer AL2216WBD 22-inch DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor, a display that has all the essentials of what I need in a great LCD monitor. Monitors are getting pretty loaded with all kinds of features, so it pays to know which ones matter to you the most.

Widescreen Size, Widescreen Graphics

If you already have a PC that supplies your speakers and has plenty of USB ports, then a plain (i.e. without such accoutrements) monitor will be all you really need. The Acer AL2216WBD is certainly a great candidate for what I’m looking for. With 22-inches of high quality display (1680×1050 max resolution) and a fast 5ms response rate, not only can I get my graphics work done stupendously, but I can take five playing my latest game with pristine clarity. Admiring my travel photos on a colorific screen with 700:1 contrast ratio that emits high level of brilliant brightness is pretty hot, too!


Pay particular attention to the CD in this picture. Compare it to the size of the LCD Monitor. Now do the same your monitor. Hmmmm….

This Acer’s clean design offers a lightweight and efficient monitor that’s mostly about no-frills performance. And that makes it a great choice, as far as I’m concerned. I know I rarely have the muscle to be lifting really heavy monitors, especially when I get the “re-organize the office” bug! Only con I noticed: A bit stiff on the swivel, but at this price that minor detail can be easily overlooked! DVDs and games look stunning and there’s no ghosting or streaking detected. For a great cinematic experience at a reasonable price, the Acer AL2216WBD 22-inch Widescreen is an impressive monitor. I‘m off to get one now…

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