asus-m3a32-mvp_boxshot.jpgCatering to users who pursue extreme performance at a low price, Asus presents to us the the M3A32-MVP Deluxe WiFi Motherboard. This cutting-edge motherboard supports the AMD Phenom quad-core AM2+ CPU with the latest AMD 790FX chipset. It features the latest HyperTransport(tm) 3.0 (HT3) system bus with up to 5200 MT/s speed, quad PCIe 2.0 x 16 slots, and the ASUS patent pending memory heat pipe design – ASUS Cool Mempipe. Plus, the board includes an 802.11g (54 Mbps) WiFi access point, allowing you to share your Internet connection wirelessly without a wireless broadband router. All of these advantages add up to one impressive motherboard, so yes – pray to get your hands on one.

This board comes with a lot of the familiar Asus features that gamers have come to love. However, what’s unique about this board (and also the first thing you focus on) is the heat pipe system that they’ve used for cooling. The Asus exclusive feature cooling this motherboard is called Cool Mempipe. It effectively transmits the heat generated by the memory chips to the heat sink near the back IO ports, where it can be carried away by existing airflows inside the system. This revolutionary memory heat pipe solution lowers the memory temperatures by up to 10°C in water-cooling systems; and lowers by up to 5°C in air-cooling systems – providing a more stable computing environment. This all translates to higher overclocking levels – something we all want.


Speaking of overclocking, Asus includes the excellent feature called Precision Tweaker 2 for optimized overclocking performance. Higher voltage facilitates overclocking, but the system may hang if the voltage is too high. Precision Tweaker 2 solves this dilemma by providing 0.02v per step adjustments to the Northbridge Voltage, Southbridge Voltage, and the DRAM Voltage to optimize overclocking performance. By closing the gap between two voltages, users can then get closer to the highest voltage sustainable by the system – bringing them one step nearer in obtaining ultimate overclocking performance!

great-view-wifi-mobo.jpgAnother standout of the M3A32-MVP Deluxe Wifi are the FOUR PCI Express 2.0 graphics slots. This gives you the ability to throw 3 or 4 blazing video cards at your rig, thanks to AMD’s CrossFireX technology. These can be configured to quad PCIe x8 bandwidth across the four PCI Express x16 slots, or 3-way with one slot working at x16, while the other two work at x8. The beautiful thing about PCI Express 2.0 is the backward compatibility, so those who want to use regular CrossFire can with two graphics cards, with full PCIe x16 bandwidth. By now, I’m sure you’re getting the picture that this motherboard is fairly well equipped – a true high-end motherboard.

You can check out the other great features of the Asus M3A32-MVP motherboard right here!

asus-m3a32-mvp_crossx-logo.jpgAll in all, the Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe WiFi is a fantastic motherboard that leaves you with one real question…do you want a system that purrs, or one that growls? We think we know the answer – and it’s the Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe Wi-FI. Order one today, and get ready to build an overclock-capable gaming system that will rip your opponents to shreds.

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