Windows VistaToday marks the one year anniversary of the release of Microsoft Windows Vista – and what a year it has been. From corporate IT departments willing to upgrade and users asking for downgrades. But after all, humans as a whole, do not like change – and Vista was a change from the ordinary.

As a Vista user on 100% of my home systems – I can tell you that I like Vista. Is there any crazy features that make me jump up and down about Vista – Yes. The Integrated search functionality replaces Google Desktop pretty well, but I like the Google interface better in the way it displays search results.

Is there anything about Vista I hate – not really. Other than the fact it gets a bad rep.

For most people, the change of Vista – with it’s sexy interface and a different look at Windows XP – scared people off. After most people use Vista for a month, they say ‘It’s okay’ and seemingly don’t have the same amount of issues after using it for a few weeks. Those who install programs on an ongoing basis may get upset with all the pop-ups that Vista provides to ensure you wish to install various software – but it can be turned off and it is for your protection.

But enough about what I think – what do YOU think? Post your comments below and share with us your VISTA experience. Don’t forget that here on TigerDirect news you can leave VOICE or VIDEO comments as well – just click the links below!

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