garmin-in-use.jpgHave you been looking for a GPS that gets the job done without any setbacks, and yet is generous to your bank account? Ladies and gentlemen, Garmin’s nüvi 350 GPS Reviever is the answer you seek.

With steep competition among GPS manufacturers and an oversaturation of choices, at times it becomes a difficult task in itself to determine which product is right for your exact needs. But with the nüvi 350, you can rest assured that it’s the perfect intersection of all of your expectations in a GPS unit.

Price & Features

Like I said, the price of the nüvi 350 is right on target to help you get the most bang for your buck. Touch screen control, loads of travel tools and searchable points of interests – all features that the nüvi 350 can boast of. Additionally, the nüvi 350 offers Text-To-Speech, a Picture Viewer (that makes it capable of viewing jpeg photos), a World Travel Clock, an MP3 Player, Currency/Measurement Converter and a Calculator.

Quality-Build And Durability

garmin-350-main-picture.jpgGarmin said it best when they described the size of the nüvi 350 as that of “a deck of playing cards.” The touch screen virtually clings to 3.5-inch display space, which is perfectly viewable even in the harshest sunlight conditions. The battery life can fall anywhere between four to eight hours, depending on exact amount of usage per charge.

SD Card Usage

The SD Card slot serves as an important feature because it gives users the opportunity to load additional Garmin resources (including the Garmin Travel Guide series of SD cards), audio books, and your choice of MP3’s to play on the internal MP3 player.


With an wide array of features, the nüvi 350 is the crème de le crème in the affordable GPS field. Plus, when it comes to dependability, it will definitely live up to its expectations. Those that call the nüvi 350 the “ultimate travel companion,” couldn’t be more dead-on. Get it today by clicking here.

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