sandisk-view-main-pic.jpgOkay, so it may not have the flashiest design. But please, don’t judge this book by its cover. One word to describe the look of the SanDisk Sansa View? I’d say “Simple.” In fact, I’d say that word pretty much sums up this mp3 player as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t mean that as a bad thing. This is definitely on of those situations in which less is indeed more.

In keeping with its simplicity theme, the controls of theSandisk Sansa View 16GB MP3 Player are minimal and straightforward. It has the standard menu button, a navigation wheel that includes a “select” button at its center. Its edges include a microSD card slot, a headphone jack, a dock connector, and a microphone. What else could you possibly need?

Video Playback Perfected

sansa-left-hand-side.jpgWhat really separates the View from previous Sandisk Sansa Music Players is its video playback. While the e200 Sansa series supported it, the feature always felt sort of like a redheaded stepchild (Apologies to all redheaded stepchildren out there, but you know how awkward you are). Its video conversion software was cumbersome to use, and I mean really: who wants to watch a video on a 1.8-inch screen. The View boasts a 2.4-inch, backlit LCD screen, which is near the size of the 2.5-inch screen of the iPod classic and well ahead of the 2.2-inch on the iPod nano. While we’re talking screens, the picture quality on the View is nice and vibrant, and will suite your viewing needs for both videos and photographs.

Sandisk Sansa Goes Solid State

As with other Sandisk mp3 players, the View features flash based memory. Basically, it’s a hard drive with no moving parts. This equals advantages like greater durability, superb battery life, and faster load times. The features don’t stop here. How about a built-in microphone? Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a digital recorder to help you take notes in class, or maybe you’d just like to record a song or your favorite morning show via the View’s built-in radio. The View makes all of this possible. For those of you who are thinking long term, it’s got a microSD card expansion slot, just in case you fill up its 16GB hard drive.


In the end, this is a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” mp3 player. But part of its charm and appeal lie within that very simplicity. If you don’t need the sleekness and style of an iPod, and don’t mine saving a few bucks (The 16GB View is $179.99 while the 8GB iPod nano is $204.99) the View may be just what you are looking for!

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