lamp-grass.jpgFor all you nature lovers who just can’t get enough of the great outdoors, here’s a product that will keep (at least) a small slice of greenery at your fingertips – literally! Introducing the Sensory Lamp – this is an upcoming product from Sara Rossbach. It’s a mouse pad with grass growing at the front and comes with a light to mimic the natural cycles of the day. Yes that’s right you too can have your own field of grass right on your table top within easy reach of your tired fingers all day long. Touch it. Stroke it. Take in the great smell of fresh green grass!

The nifty little mouse pad comes with a lamp that adjusts lighting conditions on the pad depending on the time of day. The light stimulates your eyesight which is useful if your table or cubicle is tucked away in the corner of an office or your home. Without a window or a natural source of sunlight, indoor artificial lighting, or from the computer screen itself, can take a toll on your eyes. Staring into a computer screen all day can cause your eyes to become accustomed to a single brightness level. Shifting your focus between the screen and other objects in the room takes a bit more time and is more evident when moving into another room with different lighting. By adding a gently changing light source that mimics sunlight as it changes throughout the day should leave you with less strained eyes and a fresher look at everything around you.


Apart from the light changing trick of the Sensory Lamp, there’s that plot of land at your fingertips. Albeit a miniscule field of grass, the smell of it alone should keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. If you feel a little bored or out of focus, take a break and mow the lawn with some scissors, or water the grass. You can even add some fertilizer to keep the grass green. Whatever you do to it, it’s a nice short break and you don’t have to leave your table or walk far.

With all the new technologies around to streamline the work place and reduce the clutter on your table, this is one gadget that would be beneficial to your wellbeing and concentration. Nature is always inspiring, let the Sensory Lamp inspire you at work.

Sara Rossbach: Sensory Lamp

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