cinimizer.jpgIts’ great that Apple keeps coming out with updates to the iPod and now with the iPod Touch you can watch videos on its 3.5 inch screen. Take it anywhere and watch your favorite movies anywhere. What could be better? Well how about being able to watch a 3D movie on your iPod touch? Since Apple didn’t make the Touch 3D capable, Zeiss went ahead and made a set of 3D glasses that will do just that. Plus it’s not that pair of funky red and blue clown glasses that you use in an IMAX theatre. Not at all.

The ZEISS Cinemizer is a pair of LCD glasses that plugs right into your iPod. Supported models are the iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod with Video and iPod Nano 3rd Generation. To get things going, simply attach your iPod to the battery holder of the Cinemizer, plug the earphone jack into the iPod and turn on the iPod. Once you start the movie you can control the Cinemizer via a remote control. Apart from 3D movies you can watch any of your favorite non-3D movies, videos or even play games on your favorite game console as long as you have an adapter for the plug.

Zeiss is world renowned for its optical and optoelectronic technologies so it should be a familiar name to many. A lot of high-end cameras use Zeiss optics so you can expect high quality and pristine viewing with the Cinemizer. A heavyweight in the optics industry, Zeiss has been able to keep the weight down in the Cinemizer. So don’t expect your nose to have to support a chunky pair of LCD glasses. Nope, this set at only 115 grams and designed to look cool (for once) is an easy pair to wear both on the ears and nose.

The battery pack is a self contained lithium-ion unit and takes about 2.5 hours to charge. You can attach the iPod to the pack. The remote is located on the cable connecting the battery to the glasses and the earpieces are completely adjustable. The glasses were designed to give the user a feeling that the image is 2 meters away with a diameter of 45 inches. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a theatre with these on. With a design that allows it to be used on practically any head size including those who have to wear glasses, you know you’ll have a comfortable and clear movie watching experience.

With the Cinemizer, you’re “looking into” the future of portable 3D eye wear.

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