asus-maximus-extreme-a455-2.jpgA slew of the latest and greatest motherboards are entering the market, all vying for your hard earned (Christmas gift cards) money. The newest, cutting edge motherboards are X38 chipset based, and Asus would like you to get familiar with their flagship model, the Maximus Extreme. It offers a high-performing cooling solution, features-galore, overclockable, highly tweakable, and performance second to none – the Asus Maximus Extreme has all of those bases covered. So let your inner Ridley Scott out, and put together the next people’s champion of the Hippodrome, the Maximus Extreme is your chariot to gaming glory.

45nm.jpgThis board was designed for those of us who must tweak and fiddle endlessly, and the Maximus Extreme’s wide array of bundled goodies do not disappoint. Catering to avid overclocking enthusiasts and gamers alike, the Maximus Extreme comes with two unique features that allow flexible CPU upgrading without extra costs. The CPU Level Up feature allows users to easily upgrade CPU performance without prior overclocking knowledge. They simply have to pick the processor speed they want, and the motherboard will do the rest. Overclocking enthusiasts can also make use of the CPU Level Up result to adjust settings for even higher frequencies. The other feature, Extreme Tweaker, is a one stop shop to fine-tune systems for optimal performance. With a vast array of options to tweak frequencies, over-voltage or memory timing settings, this handy application will allow overclocking gurus (ie addicts) to fully fine-tune their system to their desired settings for maximum overclocking and performance outputs. Instant performance upgrades have never been easier! It’s the best thing since spellcheck.

some-kind-of-clip.jpgAsus believes in unsurpassed graphics performance to let users achieve the best gaming potentials. The Maximus Extreme allows gamers to reach this level with its multiple GPU support and Crosslinx technology. Crosslinx features a dedicated graphics controller to optimize PCIe allocation with dual x8 lanes. When users utilize its 3-Way CrossFire setting, the PCIe allocation is x16, x8, x8 – surpassing prior x16, x16, x4 standards, and all the PCIe lanes come from the northbridge without DMI bottlenecks. This dual x8 PCIe lane technology is the key in setting higher 3DMark world records and providing smoother gameplay. From what I hear from the kids, higher frame rates are all the rage.

solid-state-capacitor.jpgAsus also presents the next step in thermal solutions with the Fusion Block System. It is a hybrid thermal design that combines a heatpipe design with the additional ability to connect to a water-cooling system. By taking the entire integrated solution into design considerations, the user can enjoy exceptional thermal improvement to the northbridge, south bridge, Crosslinx, and even VRM with a single connection. The Fusion Block System is the most versatile, efficient, and the most advanced thermal system there is on a motherboard. It’s like a Borg in a box.

The Asus Maximus Extreme is sure to be in the top of any serious PC builders list. If you prefer the more hardcore oriented feature set of the Maximus Extreme, this is a board that gamer enthusiasts should consider. While the old adage is true, you get what you pay for, it’s a bit less expensive here at tigerdirect.

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