apple-ipod-nano-black1.jpgYour iPod nano is no longer just an entertainment accessory as you rush off to your morning jog. Apple dares you to crank up the volume as it unleashes the Nike + iPod, the newest and biggest thing to ever happen to your morning exercise. Thanks to a unique partnership between NIKE and Apple, your iPod nano becomes your coach, your personal trainer and your favorite workout companion.

Must Haves

Here are the basic ingredients for the ultimate synthesis of sport and music: a pair of Nike+ shoes, an iPod nano, and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Find out what happens when the leading name in sports and the leading name in digital music team up to take on your workout.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit How To’s

First, place the sensor in your left Nike+ shoe, in the built-in pocket beneath the insole. You can leave the sensor in your shoe even when you’re not working out. Next, attach the receiver to your iPod nano. The receiver fits snugly into the Dock connector, located on the bottom of your iPod nano next to the headphone jack. Finally, hit the ground running with workout-based voice feedback, Nike Sport Music content, and an iPod nano that stays in tune with every step.

The receiver fits securely into the Dock connector on the bottom of your iPod nano. Wirelessly connected to the sensor in your Nike+ shoe, it receives up-to-the-second information as you run. As you run, iPod nano tells you your time, distance, pace, and calories burned via voice feedback that adjusts music volume as it plays. In addition to progress reports, voice feedback congratulates you when you’ve reached a personal best — your fastest pace, longest distance and time, or most calories burned.

Voice feedback occurs automatically, according to predetermined intervals that vary by workout type. You can also hear voice feedback at any time by clicking the center button. With a Nike + iPod receiver attached to your iPod nano, you can access the Nike + iPod menu and choose your workouts. Try the open-ended Basic Workout or select a workout with time, distance, or calorie goals. Pick a playlist, shuffle songs, or select Nike-created Sport Music content. You can also program a PowerSong to play on the run with one click. Your iPod nano stores and displays up to 1,000 individual workouts, so you can view your data anytime.

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