Cell TowerConverged networks. Seamless link exchange. Passing Off to the next tower. These are all things we take for granted – and your cell phone is a great example. While you can seemingly stay connected for an endless stretch of the road – you are actually making those calls from different cellular towers along the way. The closest tower is generally going to get the call. As you move, that changes and they are passed between one another without you even realizing it.

The same is happening now with new efforts to allow seamless roaming from WiMax to WiFi. With this technology, mobile users will be able to migrate to and from their home to the mobile network – the recently announced options by T-Mobile for a mini cell tower in your home (via WiFi) already provide for roaming without fail between WiFi and the cellular network. But now, with the rollout of WiMax already happening nationwide, the wireless companies need to ensure they provide a seamless experience.

Intel shows off new WiFi/WiMax technology

Everyone seems to need their ‘everywhere on’ lifestyle – constantly plugged into the net. A desktop bound slave to the Internet I surf like it’s the 60′s all over again. But I secretly wish to be connected 24/7. A chip would be nice.

But until then we can only enjoy the wireless equipment we do have and look forward to more in the future.