A lot of people are in the market for new TVs these days as we have less than a year to make the switch to HD. I couldn’t help but take notice of this 47-inch stud from Westinghouse. The price friendly TX-47F430S HD LCD TV may be just the television for you.

A TV is only as good as it’s features, and this one has something for everyone. You performance junkies won’t be disappointed. Its vivid 1080p razor sharp image is a pleasure on the eyes. It boasts a resolution of 1920 x 1080, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a healthy 5000:1 contrast ratio. Connectivity? Got it covered with an impressive 4 HDMI ports, a VGA port and a S-Video port. You’ll have to look hard to find another LCD for $1499.99 that can match this.

For the environmentally conscience, or those who want to reduce their electricity bill, this TV features Westinghouse’s E.Saver mode. In order, to reduce the amount of time it takes an LCD to power up, it constantly draws power, even when turned off. Westinghouse’s E.Saver mode allows you to reduce the amount of power the TX-47F430S draws when turned off, but it’ll take a few extra seconds to power up. With the E.Saver mode you’ll waste less energy, and reduce your electricity bill by up to $25.00 a year.


For those looking to simplify, the TX-47F430S has a feature called Autosource. This makes operating your home entertainment center so easy; your grandparents could do it! With the tons components available in today’s market, your home entertainment center can become quite complex. I mean, is that your Wii coming through input 1, or is that your blu-ray player? Maybe it’s your X-Box? Who knows? Westinghouse erases this headache. With Autosource, all you have to do is turn on your component. Yes, that’s it! Just turn on your component and Autosource will automatically detect the proper input source and switch to the corresponding channel. It’s that easy!

For those looking to reduce cable clutter, Westinghouse didn’t forget you. Most manufactures opt to run their inputs horizontally along the lower back of the television, with four or five running vertically along the side (I know this can be an inconvenience. My DVD player is sitting on the far left of my TV; the DVD player’s inputs are on my TVs far right. I don’t have the space to rearrange my home theater system so for my HDMI cable; I had to lay down extra cash on a 6-foot rather than a 3ft.). Westinghouse has evenly divided this LCD’s inputs vertically along both sides of the television’s spine, keeping them all at the television’s center. In addition to reducing arrangement issues, this also reduces clutter by dividing the input cables along the left and right sides of the TV.


Overall this TV has some features you’ll only find on some higher-end models. I’d say it’s a really good value purchase. If you’re looking for a budget friendly LCD, check out the Westinghouse TX-47F430S.

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