frontpage_2002.jpgToday, the worlds largest web hosting company, 1and1, unceremoniously announced to its hundreds of thousands of customers that the end was near! The end of Microsoft FrontPage Extensions!

Thanks to Microsoft’s abandonment of FrontPage last year, the plug is now being pulled on one of the largest groups of website owners in the world. Unfortunately, when Microsoft introduced it’s new generation of Web Applications, they ignored the Server extensions that made Microsoft such an attractive solution to web design. I one single step, vast numbers of small businesses, and individuals, who have their own websites are being turned out into the cold.

For those in this situation, there is no choice but to immediately design out every feature of their website that depends upon the FPSE server extensions. What Microsoft doesn’t realize, is the very bad taste this is going to leave in the mouths of tens of thousands of consumers, at the very least.

So, the final word is just this: get busy! You have 5 days to save your website!

I you are aware of solutions; php forms handlers, server side include solutions, etc., please post a response for our readers!!!