Red Fridayi have need a new computer for a long time .. my computer sucks so bad, it starts up, then when my desktop screen comes up , its takes about 20 min till i can ever do anything. i have to be able to write papers on this computer, for the college classes that im taking , and it takes absolutly forever to write a paper. i can type a sentence , and then wait for my computer to catch up , in a lil while. then start to write a new sentence and do that for as long as i can take it , before i give up, and just drive 20 min to the college or to the library.

I also like to play game on my comp but i do not have the nessesary equipment to run the games. i would like to talk in chat rooms . and do many things, and even do more than one thing at a time. being able to have more than one website open and not having to wait a year for it to load… and if that wasnt bad enought. it seems as soon as i start to do something , my computer will say , something about , it needs to shut down ,and whatever i have done will be lost, or it just totally freezes up , intirely.

Kinda makes it hard to want to be on the computer at all , and i really do like being on the internet .there are alot of things im interested in , and wanting to know more of. please . even if my situation is not good enought to win , is there a way i can get a awsome discount , or maybe be graced with a computer that will be better than the one i have . thank you.


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