modu-logo.jpgImagine plugging your cellular phone into a digital camera to store and send high-resolution photos. Then imagine connecting that same wireless phone to a stereo component to play your favorite tracks from your music collection. And finally, imagine attaching that same cellular phone into your car’s navigational system for up-to-the-minute traffic reports and navigation instructions.

Sounds like a pipe dream? Not if Dov Moran, CEO and founder of Modu, has anything to say about it.

“The mobile phone industry is ready for a revamp,” notes Moran, the brilliant mind behind the USB Flash Drive technology that revolutionized mobile digital data storage. He intends to achieve this revamp through the Modu, an Ipod Nano-sized device that functions as a hardware platform for data connectivity.

Its most basic functions mimic that of a cellular phone – it can place and receive calls, and store an address book. The innovation is in its capability to plug into various “jackets” and other devices to provide a wide range of data services. The Modu Jackets, as they’re currently called, will serve as an interface to make the Modu function closer to a regular wireless phone. Modu Mates, on the other hand, will be mainstream consumer electronics specifically designed to integrate The Modu’s data connection. Combined, this system, dubbed “The Modu Ecosystem,” gives the user an unprecedented degree of flexibility and freedom in how they get to use their wireless services.

Scheduled for an October release, The Modu will initially ship to Italy (Telecom Italia Mobile), Russia (VimpleCom) and Israel (Cellcom), where Modu’s partnerships with the respective wireless service providers become operational. No talks yet of an American release, but look to get a glimpse of the future of wireless phones in the Consumer Electronic Show in January next year.

Michael Lopez, a spokesperson for Modu, has tagged the retail price for the Modu t approximately US$220 to $320. This includes The Modu modular unit and possibly two Modu Jackets. With nearly a year of wait time, that’s plenty of time to save up for what’s sure to be the next great step in wireless communications.

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