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Archive for February 20th, 2008 ↓

Burying the Hatchet: Sony Sells Toshiba a Chip-Manufacturing Plant

r.jpgSony Corporation plans to sell it’s Western Japan-based Microchip plant to it’s erstwhile rival Toshiba. This is a bit surprising as the two companies have been battling it out over the high definition disc market, which some were calling the “Format Wars.” As you probably know, the format wars are over, and Sony’s Blu-Ray has won. But that was yesterday…apparently the companies are good buddies again.

Review: Motorola RAZRwire Bluetooth Headset and Oakley Sunglasses

razrwire-image.jpgFinally, a fusion of eyewear and a bluetooth headset that doesn’t look ridiculous! This product is a collaboration between Motorola and Oakley. Motorola is the same portable communications powerhouse that brought you the RAZR flip phone…and if you’ve ever seen the sun, then you know who Oakley is.

Touchy Technology: The Modern Proliferation of Touch Screens

microsoft_surface_coffee_table.jpgWe can clearly see the abundance of hi-tech changes occurring in the world around us. Our cars can be unlocked instantaneously with just a phone call. We can see our loved ones from miles away using a web cam. And who would miss those oversized roadmaps when a GPS can smoothly navigate to your desired destination? But one of the most obvious ways technology is changing the world around us is right at our fingertips.