microsoft_surface_coffee_table.jpgWe can clearly see the abundance of hi-tech changes occurring in the world around us. Our cars can be unlocked instantaneously with just a phone call. We can see our loved ones from miles away using a web cam. And who would miss those oversized roadmaps when a GPS can smoothly navigate to your desired destination? But one of the most obvious ways technology is changing the world around us is right at our fingertips.

What else can we expect to ease the routine of our daily existence? Well, touch-screen technology of course. Touch-screens have modified the way we interact with mundane tasks and chores such as bank transactions, portable music devices and even mobile phones. “We expect most demand to come from finger-sensitive technology built into high-end feature phones.”¹ Says Stephen Entwistle, Vice President of Strategy Analytics, a Boston-based research service.

Popular movies such as Minority Report have theorized a future world where technological features bring a high level of sophistication to the average lifestyle. Whatever the future, we can expect to see some major touch-screen use in our daily lives that goes far beyond high-end smartphones. Microsoft has already designed a coffee table (aka “Surfacing Computing”) that will change the common tea time at home, meetings at the office, and even the waiting room at the doctor’s office.

It wouldn’t surprise me to one day be sitting in a restaurant viewing the menu through a touchscreen table! Case in point: Tully’s Coffee shops in San Francisco, plans to install smart coffee tables just like this. They will include built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to browse the web while you sip on a Latte. These high-tech tables will also feature built-in bluetooth connectivity, making them able to send audio straight to your headset.

No matter how many directions touch-screen technology evolves, it will only bring ease and comfort in our busy lives. I for one can’t wait ‘till this kind of thing hits the mainstream coffee shops everywhere.

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