For those of you that don’t know, Last Friday we held a giveaway for a really, really cool AMD Gaming Computer. Sure, you could use it for stuff other than gaming, but that hadn’t really occurred to us at the time. Which is why we’re delighted to announce that the winner of the giveaway may just use it to stay in touch with his friends and newly founded family, too.

From the college student who accidentally killed his PC with beer to the man who lent his PC to his mother to start her own business (and now, ironically, can’t get it back) everyone who wrote to us was special. Everyone who contacted us really and truly deserves a new PC, but we had to pick just one.

A Father’s Request

So when we received an email from Kenneth Beattie who was writing on behalf of his son who was currently stationed on a U.S. Naval Ship, we had to listen. As it turns out, this brave young man has just become a father, and needs a way to see all the digital pictures, videos, and the like of his new family. We wish him and his all the best. While the rest of our applicants had sob stories aplenty, this was one that actually touched our hearts.

And the Winner Is…

san-diego-san-francisco-11-5-to-11-12-2006-363.jpgSo here’s the winner of the AMD Gaming PC, Eric Beattie. That’s AO1 Eric Beattie, to be perfectly correct. (AVIATION ORDNANCEMAN, First Class, before you ask.) He proudly serves in the U.S. Navy out of San Diego. (USS Nimitz CVN-68) He’s married to his beautiful wife Kayla. Oh! In case you were wondering, the original email was sent in by his father (and most recently Proud Grandfather) Kenneth Beattie. Eric, to you and all of yours, we wish Good Luck, Long Life, and Smooth Sailing!

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