lite-on-blu-ray-playback-drive.jpgThe format wars are over, and Blu-Ray has won. For those of you who got an HD DVD player (Get one! They’re fun, soon-to-be nostalgic, and under 100 bucks!), I’m sorry. Kudos to those of you who bought a Playstation 3. So now the question is, are you going to go out and buy an expensive Blu-Ray player? I’m not. In fact, this is possibly the one thing that could trigger me to finally, finally build a multimedia center PC. You see, there’s a trick: the Lite-On DH-401S-08 Blu-Ray Playback Drive costs a bit less than a Blu-Ray Player. A few hundred dollars less.

Blu-Ray and MultiMedia PCs: A Cost Effective Combination

200801007_11.pngThis isn’t a Blu-Ray burner. Those will cost you a pretty penny, although the ability to make your own Blu-Ray discs might be priceless to some people out there. No, the Lite-On does burn DVDs, just not Blu-Ray discs. But it DOES PLAY THEM. If you were to install this drive in a Media Center PC, you’d be able to play Blu-Ray Discs for 200 dollars or less. And you get some other nifty Dual Layer and regular DVD and CD burning abilities at the same time.

lite-on-in-the-box.jpgThere are a couple of key conditions that you’ll have to take into account. This drive requires that you’ve got a HDCP-compliant motherboard and Graphics card. Those aren’t so terribly expensive, especially if you’re not building your media center PC from scratch. Odds are, at least on of these two components is already in your computer. If not, go with a good motherboard over the I-Found-it-Behind-the-PC-Store variety. The Lite-On drive will still function for lower tasks, but the Blu-Ray playback won’t work without HDCP compliant parts.

One Stop Cheap Blu-Ray Capability Shop

Once the drive’s installed, you can play your Blu-Ray movies to your heart’s content. You’ll just have to use either the DVI or VGA connection on the back of your television (Or PC monitor. It’s a lifestyle choice only you can make) or use a HDMI converter at the Media PC end and connect ‘em up in that fashion.


You may have to consult somebody’s tech support. along the way, but that’s a small price to pay for saving yourself a couple of hundred bucks! I’ve listed the complete specs for the Lite-On DH-401S-08 Blu-Ray Playback Drive after the link below. If you’re trying to get Blu-Ray on a budget, adding a Blu-Ray drive to a Media PC just might be your best option.

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Lite-On DH-401S-08 Blu-Ray(Read Only) Internal Drive

Lite-On DH-401S-08 Blu-Ray Playback Drive Specifications:

  • Cache Size: 8 MB
  • BD Read Speed: 4X
  • DVD+R Write Speed: 12x
  • DVD+RW Rewrite Speed: 8X
  • DVD-R Write Speed: 12x
  • DVD-RW Rewrite Speed: 8X
  • DVD Access Time: 160 ms
  • CD Read Speed: 32x
  • CD Access Time: 160 ms
  • Length: 7″
  • Width: 5.7″
  • Height: 1.6″
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.
  • Load Type: Tray
  • Interface Type: SATA
  • Enclosure Type: Internal
  • Supported Formats: CD-ROM
    DVD Dual layer
    DVD single layer