Iogear 4-port USB hub and adapterEver wished you could plug your USB devices in across the room, and not clutter up your desk? Here’s the solution. It’s called the 4-Port USB 2.0 Wireless Hub with Adapter, and it’s only by Iogear. One of the first Wireless USB solutions, the IOGEAR Wireless USB Hub & Adapter kit allows your desktop or laptop to wirelessly communicate with printers, scanners, cameras, game controllers, flash drives, external hard drives, and other USB devices.

High Speed Transfer, USB 2.0 Connectivity

Iogear Hub Comes With Everything HereAt a data transfer rate of 480 Mbps, the IOGEAR Wireless USB Hub is as fast or faster than all wireless technologies, including 802.11n. Because of it’s Plug-and-Play design, the IOGEAR Wireless USB Hub takes almost no time to set up and get running. This device is the perfect combination of convenient setup, blazing fast USB 2.0 data transfers, and has the added space and access benefits of wireless networking.

So How Does It Work?

How the Iogear USB hub works

The IOGEAR Kit wirelessly connects to USB devices up to 30-feet away from your computer. Imagine transferring files to a hard drive across the room! The Wireless USB hub can connect to many other USB devices and offers high-bandwidth video, audio and data transfers. Additionally, the wireless frequency range of UWB helps avoid interference with other wireless devices like mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth devices.

A Solution We’ve All Been Waiting For

Iogear Adapter In a BoxThis is what we’ve been waiting for, folks. I for one truly appreciate the fact that USB makes it possible to plug in almost anything. Got a Scanner? Plug it in. Got a printer? Plug it in. Need more storage space via a USB connectible external hard drive PLUG IT IN. And now I don’t have to find room for all of it on my desk. I can put it on the bookself across the room for pete’s sake. I may even try to install it under the bed. This product is brand new from Iogear, and available here at TigerDirect. As an employee that sees almost every USB invention under the Sun, some are good, and some are almost pointless. But this is one I will definitely be purchasing. Want my advice? You should get one, too.

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