Olevia 52-inch LCD TVEveryone wants high definition. But no one wants to invite the neighborhood over to check out their smallish, 20-something inch LCD. It’s just not a “conversation starter” anymore. Don’t get me wrong, anything that counts as High Definition is cool with me, but if you’re a bargain hound and want to get over 50 inches of true HD display, you should check out the Olevia 252TFHD LCD. It’ll have your friends grumbling about how much they paid for 1080p.

1080p is the buzzword in HD these days. 720p sets are the affordable alternative to one of these ultra-crisp, ridiculous resolution televisions. 720p TVs look great. In fact, a friend of mine has a 720p set by Samsung, and it’s still one of the top 3 flat panels I’ve ever seen, 1080p or not. (In fact, go check out this Samsung LCD while you’re at it. It’s a bit smaller, but around the same price and both companies are top-notch.) But with Blu-Ray finally mopping up Toshiba’s ill-fated attempt at blu-laser technology for the masses, you’re going to want a television that has a 1080p screen.

This gets confusing, so I’ll put it out there quick and dirty: 1080p means that there’s 1080 pixels (or more) on the vertical side of the screen. When you hear someone say a signal is 1080p, what they mean (even if they don’t know it) is that the signal contains separate bits of data for 1080 vertical pixels at once. For comparison: a 1080i signal has the same amount of data coming at you, except that half is sent right in front of the other half. When both signal waves are received, a single screen image (read:frame) is generated. 1080i is still high definition, but not as crisp as 1080p.

Currently, all BROADCAST television (sports, television shows, nature programs) are 1080i at best. 1080p is reserved for the Blu-Ray big dogs. But you’ll need those bragging rights even if you don’t have a Blu-Ray. Besides, in 5 years everyone’s going to be on 1080p and you don’t want to be hiding your massive flat panel in the garage in shame.

Back to the Olevia! This is a 52-inch diagonal TV. That’s big. Seriously, if you’ve access to a tape measure, get it out and measure a space on the wall. See? That wall’s too small. Go out to the hallway and measure. Damn. That’s a big television, isn’t it? And it’s under 1500 bucks—way under. Alright, that was a plug…but next time you’re at a large electronic store, go look at the price tag of a 50-plus inch TV. But not if you’re on blood pressure medication. Send a younger generation of the family (the one you brought with you to carry the TV to the car). Want to see it? Check out this video review with Logan. Just so you understand the size of this set, Logan is not a short man, and this television takes almost the entire screen. Give it a look!

This LCD has a 8ms response time and is packed with picture-improving technology exclusive to Olevia. Olevia sets feature all kinds of stuff like Big Picture, which uses pixel-filling algorithms to make analog images 37% larger on screen and digital images 11% larger on screen. This is great if there are still standard definition programs and channels you want to watch.

Olevia 52-inch LCD connections Top and BottomAnother goody is Director’s Image, which ensures you see the movie exactly as the director intended. There’s a fully adjustable range of brightness, contrast, color, tint, and screen mode controls. These aren’t those pointless little wheels under your parent’s cathode ray, either. On a 52-inch 1080p LCD display capable of over 6500K colors, you really will find the absolute perfect setting for your viewing.

Okay, I’ve posted the complete specifications for this after the link. There are HDMI connections for HD components, Composite and Component connections, VGA, a slew of digital audio support, and much more. If you want to obtain wall spanning fully 1080p high definition LCD goodness, consider the Olevia 252TFHD 52-inch LCD TV. And if you want to save money, this is the best deal you’re going to find. You won’t find a better television for the price.
Believe me.

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Olevia 252TFHD Complete Specifications:

  • Display Area: 52″
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Response Time: 8 ms
  • Input Video Signal: ATSC
  • Speakers: 2
  • Inputs: S-Video
    15 pin D-Sub
    Component In
    Firmware Mini USB
  • Outputs: Optical Audio
  • Output Terminals: Headphone
  • Power Consumption: 325W
  • Dimensions With Stand: 51.2″ x 33.8″ x 13″
  • Unit Weight: 132 lbs.