PhoneBraver is a little Robot-like cell phone that can interact with youWant a Cell phone that turns into a Robot? Me too. But while there’s little hope any of us will ever get their very own Transformer, a Japanese company called Softbank Mobile Corp. wants to hook you up with the next best thing. It’s called the PhoneBraver, and looks like a small humanoid robot with arms, legs, and faces. The little monster’s bodies are made up of the cell phone itself.

This doesn’t require canabalizing or damaging your Cell phone. The phone actually remains functional. It even comes with enough A.I. to recognize and comment upon the user’s habits. The PhoneBraver is only capable of understanding “yes” and “no” responses, but still. Talking into your phone isn’t new, but talking to JUST your phone certainly is.

Some of you (Read: most of you) are wondering “Why?” The answer lies in Japan’s cultural love of humanoids and robots in general. In some cases, automated machines (that you could technically call a robot) have replaced security guards, receptionists, and other functions on the island nation, which also happens to be a technological powerhouse. Seriously. Robots? My VCR is still blinking 12:00 am. Ah, yes…I still have a VCR. It doesn’t do anything anymore; just tell that one time, every second of every day. But I digress.

A Cultural Propensity for Robots

Aside from being the absolute boss when it comes to handheld electronics, Japan also has a pretty hard-core cellular phone market. The robot phones themselves were inspired by an upcoming television series entitled “Cell Phone Investigator 7.” I’ve not seen it, and probably never will. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t cool.

The phones-turned-miniature robots are designed to comment upon the user’s habits. Calling a certain person often will elicit a response. This is good for lonely people, although the pragmatic uses of a robot-phone are few. The arms and legs are opposable, but the PhoneBraver won’t be able to move around on it’s own (Thank God).

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