HD VMD Keeps DVD Format War GoingFighting against the new DVD champion, VMD is the disc format that thinks it can – but only time will tell as this highly versatile format, which uses standard discs now in use and is backwards compatible, continues to push their low-price players and recorders.

The company just issued a press release saying “All indications are that VMD can fill the void left by HD DVD,” and that “The way is now clear for VMD to be embraced by the industry.” We suppose thats true — the Asian bootlegging industry really hasnt weighed in with a format choice yet, has it? In any event, VMD players have apparently been shipping to the US for a month now.

While the fate of VMD is unknown, the fate of HD-DVD is clear – players are on prices to compete with lower end DVD players already – and they would make a great (albeit slow loading) DVD player for the kids room – unless they want to hold on for the lower priced BluRay players coming next holiday season.

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Source: NME says format war still on, it totally made out with a girl last summer in Niagra Falls – Engadget