Ati CatalystGet the Catalyst 8.3 drivers from AMD/ATI and get your motors running! This new update should make Vista gamers rejoice based on initial reports with a swath of new features. TigerTV’s Logan will be giving you all the gory details in the near future, but for now – you need to get some of these new features.

Vista users reap most of the benefits as they will be able to:

  • Support up to four GPUs with CrossFireX Quad. Unlike the GeForce series, you will be able to intermix 3870, 3850 and 3870 X2s to use 3 or 4 cards.
  • HydraVision: New features such as dividing the desktop into user definable areas called HydraGrid, keeping your applications where you want them; another which allows 9 virtual desktops (much like Ubuntu) with specific app positioning and display settings for each desktop.
  • Users with the AMD 780G integrated graphics board and a HD 3400 series card will enjoy better performance.

Other features include GPU accelerated scaling for wide aspect LCD displays and video enhancements. These new drivers reportedly allow Crysis DX10 users to achieve up to 15% improvement on all Radeon cards.

To get your drivers now, head on over to ATI – and make sure you have a great video card to go with them! Plus, make sure you add your comments below to pictures and videos of your great new video-crazed systems!

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Source: AMD/ATi Catalyst 8.3 display drivers released – Making a compelling case for Vista