California-based Mozilla Foundation recently announced the release of their latest web browser, Firefox 3 Beta 3, which is now available for download. The release is in its eleventh iteration under the Firefox 3 development also known as "Grand Paradiso”.

The current version made significant improvements over its previous builds most notably on the user interface aspect. With the current build, Firefox now has the option that allows the user to save all the tabs upon exit. The previous version does not have this option; it instead asks the user to continue exiting the browser. One of the favorite features in Firefox is that it allows you to download plug-ins and add-ons. One popular plug-in is the “Download Statusbar” wherein you can view the download via a progress bar indicator. With beta 3, this is now a built-in feature of the download manager option.

Browser security has also been enhanced. Incorporated in the Beta 3 release are anti-phishing capabilities, malware protection, plug-in and add-on checker features, SSL certificates checker, and secure-add on updates. They have also introduced a feature called Web Forgery Protection that prompts the user if the site they are visiting is suspected of forgery and that the contents of the page will not be displayed. For Windows Vista users, Beta 3 also taps into the Vista Parental Controls that won’t allow downloads if they have been restricted in the operating system.

For the Mac faithful, more improvements have also been introduced in Beta 3 such as allowing you to move tabs between windows. Also with Beta 3, Mac users can now add download progress notifications to the browser status bar even if the download manager is closed. In addition, they now search and add add-ons directly from the add-on site of Mozilla thru the add-on manager option.

Mozilla is already nearing its completion of the final release version of Firefox 3 which should be out by early 2008. Beta 3 is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms and in over 30 different languages.

Link: Firefox Beta 3 (Warning This Is Beta Software)