Visionman Gaming BareboneBuilding a gaming barebone from scratch could be a very satisfying and fun endeavor. Having full control over which parts to use is an exciting privilege that you simply wouldn’t be able to enjoy with preconfigured Gaming PC packages. It’s a lot like building with Lego blocks wherein the only limitation is your own sense of creativity. At the same time however, with so many parts to decide on and so many models to consider, it could also be a burdensome task—especially when you have no clue where to start. Fortunately, with the Visionman AMD64 X2 6000 Gaming Barebone, what you get is a powerful barebones package that you can then upgrade with an impressive variety of options to choose from.

The most important consideration when buying a barebones package is its motherboard. Every other component, from the video card to RAM type, completely depends on what the motherboard is capable of. The Visionman AMD64 X2 6000 Gaming Chassis comes equipped with a Biostar Tforce TF7025-M2 motherboard which offers all the features you need for modern gaming. The motherboard supports up to 4 gigabytes of DDR2 memory. The package already comes pre-equipped with 2 gigabytes of high-speed DDR2 -800 RAM, but it’s reassuring to know that the option to add more memory is available. This is especially important when it comes to running high-stress applications such as games.

Biostar Motherboard for Visionman BareboneThe Biostar Tforce TF7025-M2 motherboard also features integrated VGA and DVI ports, 8 channel high-definition audio, LAN ports and SATA support. It is also capable of supporting Windows Vista Premium, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray and HDCP. The motherboard’s extensive feature set maximizes the options you have when upgrading.

Unlike other barebones packages, the Visionman AMD64 X2 6000 Gaming Barebone offers Nvidia graphics right out of the box. The motherboard supports the PCI-e x16/x1 configuration, so when the time comes to upgrade to a more powerful video solution, you’ll be able to pick from the latest and most powerful models of graphics cards.

AMD Athlon CPU that comes with Visionman Gaming BareboneThe brains of the Visionman AMD64 X2 6000 Gaming Barebone is the dual-core AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ CPU which is a 64-bit processor designed to deliver high levels of performance. With this outstanding CPU, games and other demanding applications can run smoothly. High-frame rates and hiccup-free gaming is possible thanks to the powerful capabilities of the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+.

Other than the powerful CPU, the competent motherboard and the generous amount of RAM the system comes with, the Visionman AMD64 X2 6000 Gaming Chassis also has value-added features that make this package truly remarkable. Visionman offers first-rate customer support and a 12-month parts and labor warranty ensuring that you won’t get left out in the cold in case a problem rises. Rounding out this package is the 22-in-1 media card reader that supports many of the common formats in use today.

All things considered, with the Visionman AMD64 X2 6000 Gaming Barebone, you’re but one step away from creating the ultimate PC.

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