Intel D945GCPE Barebone KitThe Intel D945GCPE Socket 775 Barebone Kit is a great purchase when you want a high end system capable of running power hungry applications while saving money. You’ll have full control over what goes into your system to maximize the system for your needs and be able to buy an extra stick of RAM or a bigger monitor with the money you save.

Build Your Own PC…Tiger Style!

Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180 2.0GHz processorAt the heart of the system is a dual core Pentium E2180 with a clock speed of 2.0GHz and 800FSB that is built for today’s multi-threaded applications and consumes significantly less power than its predecessors. The socket 775 design, also known as Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) means that it is easy to install and upgrade your processor.

The Intel Dual-Core Pentium Brains of the Operation

The processor is mounted on the Intel D945GCPE motherboard which supports the Pentium 4 processor line, the Celeron D line of processors as well as the higher end Dual Core processors which is good for when you plan on upgrading to a newer processor. Intel D945GCPE MotherboardAlthough the motherboard doesn’t come with PCI Express and PCI Express x16 expansion slots, it does come with a built in Intel GMA 950 graphics core that will fulfill most of your home and office graphics computing needs.

The Little Motherboard that Could

For peripheral connectivity, the motherboard comes equipped with 8 USB 2.0 ports, giving you plenty of room to add extra storage, printers, game controllers and any other USB device that’s on the market today. The motherboard also features a 10/100Mbit Gigabit Ethernet LAN controller so you’ll have a high speed connection to your home or office network. For internal storage, the motherboard has 2 high speed SATA lines and 1 IDE line that supports up to 2 ATAPI devices meaning you can have up to 4 separate hard disks in your system. The motherboard also has two 140-pin slots for DDR2 SDRAM for a maximum total of 2GB of system memory so you can run even the most hardware intensive applications without a hitch.

You won’t have to spend any money on a soundcard as the motherboard comes equipped with a built-in Realtek ALC662 audio codec which supports high quality 4-channel audio so you can use your system as a multimedia center for watching movies and listening to music. To make sure everything inside your system runs smoothly, the motherboard is equipped with monitoring technology to monitor CPU and system temperature, voltage and rotational speed of the system fans.

Power Where You Need it…

400 watt Power supplyThe case is a black ATX mid-tower case with front USB ports for easy access and 7 expansion slots. For storage, the kit comes with a Seagate Barracuda drive with a capacity of 80GB and spins at 7200RPM and connects to the motherboard through a SATA interface that doubles bus bandwidth to provide disk performance of up to 1.5GBps for maximum system performance. The barebone kit comes with one stick of 1024MB high performance DDR2 SDRAM, enough to run any hardware intensive program. A Coolmax V-400 400Watt power supply is used to power the system and has plenty of extra power to run any additional devices or peripherals you wish to connect.

…And Plenty of Storage as Well.

Seagate 80 gigabyte hard driveThe low price of the barebone kit is hard to beat with the performance it delivers making it the perfect choice for home and small offices where high computing performance on a limited budget is a priority. The 2.0GHz Dual Core processor is no slacker and will crunch through any high performance program, especially when paired up with 1GB or more of DDR2 memory. If the 80GB SATA hard drive is not enough storage for your needs, the system also has plenty of free space for additional upgrades and peripherals making it suitable for long term use as its parts can be separately upgraded.

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By Kristoffer Scheyer