If art could be defined as the creative expression and interpretation of real life, then the Toshiba 40RF350U 40-inch 1080p HD LCD TVis the Da Vinci of the Digital Television Age. Reaching new heights in color, depth and vivid clarity, this HDTV paints images that are so remarkably lifelike it will steal the breath of even the most unforgiving High Definition critics.

Real Life, Expressed Digitally

The first thing you’ll notice is its incredibly slim profile. The Toshiba 40RF350U boasts a space-age super Narrow Bezel Design that measures roughly an inch wide. With the television’s sleek, modern looks not only do you have an HDTV that outputs the best-looking images, you’ll also have one that enhances the beauty of your living room. Simply put: It’s a work of art in itself.

Toshiba 40-inch 1080p LCD TelevisionInside the Toshiba 40-inch 40RF350U 1080p Super Narrow Bezel LCD TV lie the many reasons behind its ability to breathe life into digital images and recreate reality. First and foremost, its new 10-bit LCD panel is capable of producing 64 times more colors than the ordinary 8-bit panel found in typical TVs. This new technology allows for smoother transitions between color shifts during subtle changes in hue or shade. Not only that, the new xvYCC color standard powers this HDTV with a more diverse color palette that produces around 1.8 times more color than most HDTV signals. As you can see, the Toshiba 40RF350U is clearly not your average, everyday HDTV.

Toshiba Technology for Unparalleled High Definition Quality

The beautiful 40-inch widescreen display of the Toshiba 40RF350U LCD TV gets it processing muscle from the PixelPure 3G 14-bit internal digital video processor. PixelPure 3G is one of the latest technologies from Toshiba, capable of bringing out the sharpest and the most natural looking images in everything—from Blu-Ray movies to games and everything in between. The Toshiba 40RF350U LCD TV also offers DynaLight backlight control technology, which helps the TV gain additional contrast and depth, even in lowlight situations.

Watching all kinds of high-definition movies and playing all sorts of next-generation games is a totally different experience with the Toshiba 40RF350U LCD TV. Offering 1080p full HD display capabilities, this HDTV produces images at a resolution of 1920×1080—the highest possible resolution for HDTVs today. With this technology, you’ll be amazed at the higher level of clarity of your favorite games and movies. You’ll be helplessly drawn in to the spectacular visuals only a full 1080p-capable HDTV can provide.

Take Your Home Theater All-Digital with HDMI

In order for you to take full advantage of the Toshiba 40RF350U LCD TV’s 1080p resolution, you need to connect your media players and game consoles through the HDMI interface that this HDTV is equipped with. HDMI allows for a noise-free digital connection between the HDTV and other media-capable devices. However, if you don’t have that kind of connection yet, standard inputs such as standard AV are available as well.

The Toshiba 40RF350U LCD TV is here, and it’s here to stay. It’s an HDTV that is both artist and art—and one that will introduce you to new definitions of visual beauty.

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By Daniel Gonzales