Logitech 960-000016 QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition WebcamAre you having difficulty hearing your loved one via your webcam? Or are you tired of seeing them on your computer monitor in low quality and in slow motion? Thanks to the technological advancements from Logitech, you can now kiss your old webcam problems goodbye.  

Logitech’s new QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition boasts 5 precision-engineered lens elements that let you experience twice the clarity of images compared to a conventional webcam, as well as capture HD videos at 960×720 resolution.

Capturing the Future:

Image enhancement technology of the Logitech QuickcamAlong with the help of a 1.3-megapixel sensor and RightLight™2 Technology, you can enjoy natural-looking and distortion-free images under virtually any light condition.  Apart from outclassing the other webcams available in the market with its superior image-capture capability, the QuickCam® Ultra Vision Special Edition also offers quality audio technology for pure customer satisfaction. Its built-in microphone with Logitech’s RightSound™ technology removes echoes and distracting background noise, thus allowing you to communicate freely without a headset as if you were talking to someone in the same room! 

Change the way you image appears with Logitech Video EffectsAside from the above-mentioned features, you can use the Logitech Video Effects to personalize your video conversations. Logitech Video Effects takes video conversation to a whole new level with animated avatars that imitate your facial expressions and head movement Face accessories allow you to change how you look on screen as well. Conveniently, you can use these avatars with instant messaging programs like Windows® Live messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, and AOL Instant Messenger. The QuickCam® Ultra Vision Special Edition not only be gets credit for clear images and sound, it also deserves kudos for design and appearance.

Premium Logitech Design Quality

Its sleek, premium-quality build makes this webcam a wonderful accessory to install. Its two-tone exterior complements your desktop with chrome accents and neutral dark colors. It also has a flexible clip that lets you use it on either a flat surface, a monitor, or a flat-panel display.  

Logitech Quickcam 5-part Lens AssemblyAnd as if all this wasn’t enough, the QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition also features an extra-large lens embedded in a rotating body for easier image capture. It also has a snapshot button for still pictures, an activity light that indicates when you’re “live,” and a video preview button that lets you check your image before joining a video call. This preview button actually mirrors your image without having to launch additional software. 

With all these wonderful extras, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. The QuickCam® Ultra Vision Special Edition webcam not only makes poor-quality images and sound a thing of the past, but also introduces you to the benefits that future Logitech innovations have to offer.

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By Ethel Kay Merioles