edim-5p1audiof-e128-1020-ma.jpgHere is a definite must-have for any hardcore gamer. Don’t let the old school look fool you as this gaming headset from eDimensional and world renowned console modder extraordinaire Benjamin J. Heckendorn (popularly known as BenHeck) is set to blow your mind away. The result of the collaborative effort is a high quality headset designed to enhance the player’s gaming experience.

The AudioFX Pro 5+1 Force Feedback Headsets packs great new features. The 5+1 refers to the 5.1 surround sound decoder with in-game silent frequencies. Using this allows gamers to hear in-game sounds such as footprints, alerts, and gunfire in a simulated three-dimensional arena which makes pinpointing opponents’ locations easier than ever.

Force Feedback is the technology that uses the integrated subwoofer to produce low frequency sounds that create the extra rumble which adds to the three-dimensional illusion. This is really a valuable tool in any game as it greatly boosts the spatial awareness of the player and adds to the immersive qualities of the game through realistic the engine noise, gunfire, and explosions.

The microphone provides excellent noise-cancelling features that provide clear and crisp lines when talking. The microphone is also TeamSpeak certified. TeamSpeak is a VOIP software that enables users worldwide to simultaneously chat with others in a conference call. You can also easily change the position of the microphones using its ambidextrous swivel. Reinforced bearings also provide increased durability that can take a lot of abuse.

The AudioFX Pro 5+1 Force Feedback Headset is also not your typical standard headset. The leather colored ear pieces and headband adds style and appeals not only to the gamers but to non-gamers as well. The new oval-shape ear cup designs are soft and very comfortable. The new design also enhances audio and blocks external noise. In addition to this, the ear cups can be pivoted and the head band can be fully adjusted to provide comfort when used for extended periods. Each ear cup contains 8 LEDs designed for level meter reading and lights up depending on the sound level.

The headset also comes with a very long cord which can be a boon for users who need to be connected while away from the computer. The in-line controller is used to control the volume as well as the vibration for the Force Feedback feature and also adds the ability to mute the microphone if needed.

Aside from gaming, the product can also be used in listening music, movies, VOIP, or any other type of audio use. If you are looking for a headset that offers great features and provide better value, check out this product.

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