hp-laserjet-4240n-main.jpgLaser printers are specially designed for one purpose: to print a large number of documents at a fast rate. Over the years, it has become increasingly evident that offices and homes which need to print a lot of files on a daily basis choose the laser printer over the equally impressive but less efficient inkjet. More than the speed at which it prints, the laser printer is valued for its efficient cost-per-page rating. It is true that they are usually more expensive upon purchase than other types of printers; the long-term savings it gives users however, more than makes up for the initial cost. That is why the HP Laserjet 4240n Monochrome Laser Printer should be the printer of choice for every office and every home with high-yield requirements. Its brand is enough to tell it all; Hewlett-Packard is one of the most trusted and reliable printer providers in the market today. Sturdy and full-featured, the HP Laserjet 4240n Monochrome Laser Printer successfully carries the HP name with great aplomb.

Headlining its robust set of features is its ability to print documents at a speed of 40 pages per minute. At this rate, multiple workgroups no longer have to wait in long queues just to have something printed out, thus ensuring a higher level of work efficiency that simply cannot be delivered by a lesser product. It is also beyond doubt that this printer is durable as it can print out an estimated 175,000 pages per day.

With optional 500-sheet and 1,500-sheet high-capacity input trays that can be purchased as necessary, the HP Laserjet 4240n Monochrome Laser Printer is extremely capable of keeping the workflow running smoothly. Adding to that, this laser printer also features Instant-on Technology which enables you to commence printing jobs in no time at all. As you can see, it is set to work in the most efficient way possible thus allowing you to get back to your work without delay.

The question now becomes a matter of quality. Thankfully though, Hewlett-Packard is a company that never takes the easy way out as the HP Laserjet 4240n Monochrome Laser Printer is capable of printing rapidly, and at the same time, in high resolution. This laser printer has a maximum resolution of 1200×1200 dpi, which simply says that your documents come out looking clean, smooth and easy to read.

The HP Laserjet 4240n Monochrome Laser Printer also does well in terms of connectivity. For a quick and easy connection, use the high speed USB 2.0 connection. However, if that option is not available on your computer, the printer’s IEEE 1284-B parallel port is your next best choice.

On another note, the HP Laserjet 4240n Monochrome Laser Printer also comes integrated with the HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet embedded print server—making it even more functional in an office setting with multiple workgroups.

If what you need is a printer that can handle the daily stress of high-volume printing, then the HP Laserjet 4240n Monochrome Laser Printer is, in one word, perfect.

By Daniel Gonzales

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