Dream PC 2008Want the best PC available? A PC worth $30,000? It’s not a stretch, and TigerDirect is proud to announce their sponsorship of the PC World 2008 Dream PC. And you can win it too!

“If money were no object, you’d probably build the biggest, baddest, best PC. Well, that’s what we’re doing–only we’re giving it away when we’re done! PC World’s editors are picking their favorite components to custom-build the ultimate desktop computer, and you could win it!1

The system truly features the most modern technology available – 2 SSD Drives, 2 Quad Core Processors, the Intel Skull-Trail Motherboard, 3 24″ LCD monitors – the list goes on and on, and it’s quite a system for someone who wants the bragging rights of having a $30,000 PC.

1According to the PC World Website:

Become a registered PC World member today and enter to win the Dream PC (estimated value $30,000): Sign up today for PCWorld.com and click My Account and then Member Benefits to enter.

Watch for more articles by Logan and the crew detailing all of the gory details of the inside of this beast – and how you can build you own too!

In the meantime, why not head over to the Dream PC Blog and read about Jon Jacobi’s trials and tribulations trying to put together the uber-system of all time. $30G. That’s a lotta change.

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Source: PC World – PC World Announces Dream PC Contest

Image Credit: PCWorld