Netgear 48-port gigabit smartswitchBuilding a network of personal computers is one of the most important things that today’s up and coming businesses simply cannot take for granted. More than ever, it is critical for businesses to establish a reliable network in order to facilitate the transfer of important and time-critical information from department to department or from employee to employee in a secure manner and without delay. Simply put, communicating and exchanging data is made much quicker and efficient with a dependable network.

That is why one can never discount the importance of building a stable network. This holds especially true for young companies that need a network that can fully support all their vital business applications without incident.

Netgear 48-port gigabit smartswitchThe Netgear 48-port Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch can get a company’s office network running in no time at all. Serving as the backbone of the network, this network switch features 48 LAN-10/100/1000 ports and four shared SFP ports for high-bandwidth usage applications such as VoIP, video conferencing, high-volume data transfers, ERP and other business-critical data applications.

Moreover, the Netgear 48-port Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch is efficient not just because it is capable of achieving a high level of transfer throughput and bandwidth. Making this network switch even more efficient is its impressive set of Quality of Service (QoS) features. Simply put, QoS ensures the speedy delivery of high-priority information even when the network is experiencing difficulties with high traffic bursts. The Netgear 48-port Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch is also smart enough to make sure that the data reaches its correct destination securely.

The Netgear 48-port Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch also allows for adaptability and scalability. It features two dedicated ports that provide a 20Gbps stacking bus, letting growing companies expand their network easily. Allowing users to stack up to six switches or the equivalent of 288 10/100/1000 ports, this network device’s high level of adaptability is simply one of its best features.

In terms of convenience, this network switch requires no complex installation and is ready for use from the get-go. Networks are also easier to monitor and manage on the Netgear 48-port Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch since it can be controlled from a user-friendly Web console. The innovative and fully-functional web console allows users to configure the switch’s features, monitor network movement and health, and troubleshoot problems.

The Netgear 48-port Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch also features SNMP technology that assists further in monitoring and tracking the data that goes through the network. This technology allows users to impose IT restrictions and policies, as well as the ability to provide data-encryption.

All in all, the versatility, flexibility and reliability that the Netgear 48-port Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch makes it one of the better choices when building the all-important computer network. It is an invaluable component for companies.

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By Daniel Gonzales