HP makes some good stuff. The HP w2207 22-inch widescreen monitor is no exception. In fact, in a world literally awash with LCD displays this one stands out and deserves to be noticed. And why not? This fully opposable 22-inch monitor has connections for both DVI-D and VGA, USB 2.0 devices, and has a bunch of great features that make it an excellent choice, whether you want to run one display or two. (Go for two!)

There are Monitors, and then there is THIS Monitor

HP w2207 in Horizontal orientationThe HP w2207 has some impressive specifications. It has a screen resolution of 1680×1050. This is enough to provide sharp, realistic graphics with minimal ghosting. It has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, so characters on screen show up off of the background. Add a pixel pitch of .28 and a 5ms response time, and you’ve got the makings of a great LCD desktop. There’s also connectivity for 2 USB 2.0 devices and a handy cable management system. You can connect the HP w2207 to your computer via DVI-D connection or the venerable VGA port.

The HP w2207 can swivel for full horizontal or vertical orientationThe HP w2207 22-inch widescreen can be adjusted to either full landscape or portrait mode. This is useful because different onscreen applications work best with different screen orientations. For instance, if you’re surfing the web, it makes sense to orient your monitor in the way that the Internet is laid out, i.e. vertically. Then there’s the horizontal for games, graphics, or watching a movie.

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If this little intro has piqued your interest, you can click on the related link below to see more of the HP w2207 Widescreen monitor. And if you’re more the moving-pictures type, go ahead and check out TigerTV host Logan’s video review. Either way, don’t pass on a monitor like this one or you’ll be sorry. Trust me!

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