mogo-dapter-mg103-0102-n105.jpgPeople have always had a fascination with tiny, little technological devices. Whether it be cellular phones, PDAs, laptops, portable gaming devices or what have you, the same rule applies: the smaller it is, the more we want to buy it. While it could simply be because of the fact that tiny gadgets are cute, the benefits of a truly compact gadget extend beyond mere looks in that it should be just as functional as it is portable. For this reason, we can safely say that the smallest Bluetooth adapter in the world, the Mogo Dapter, is a truly compact device.

The thing that screams at you right from the beginning is that the Mogo Dapter is indeed tiny, roughly about the size of a quarter. It is so compact that it is nearly impossible to believe, if it can indeed perform its duties. But don’t let its petite profile fool you even for a single bit. You would be surprised at how well the Mogo Dapter performs its functions.

Described as a “plug and forget” device by its makers, Newton Peripherals, this quarter-sized Bluetooth adapter enables any Windows or Mac laptop to gain connectivity to other Bluetooth-capable devices. With the Mogo Dapter, you will be able to communicate with cellular phones, PDAs, headsets, printers, speakers, cameras and other devices quickly and best of all, without the messy wires. This device uses the Bluetooth standard v2.0+EDR, which boasts connection speeds that are three times faster than the older v1.2 standard. As such, communicating with Bluetooth devices is definitely fast and easy.

What makes the Mogo Dapter even better is that it doesn’t require any complex installation. Simply plug it into an open USB 2.0 port, and presto, you are ready to roll. Since the Mogo Dapter is very compact, you will be able to bring it wherever you go. Unlike other bulkier Bluetooth adapters, this adapter’s well-designed profile hugs the contours of your laptop, so you won’t even notice that it is there.

In addition, USB 2.0 connection is a very stable interface, so interruptions are very rare and far and few in between. This means communicating with other devices is uninterruptible as it is quick. Thus, with the Mogo Dapter, you will spend more time transferring data between devices and using VoIP with a Bluetooth headset rather than wasting time trying to make the Bluetooth adapter work on your laptop. With the Mogo Dapter, it’s really as easy as one, two, three.

All in all, the Mogo Dapter is the epitome of a perfect compact device. It is small as it is capable. Simply put, it is perfect for users who need a reliable and personal network of Bluetooth devices while on the go. It is durable as well, and once you’ve connected it to your laptop, you don’t even have to think about it anymore. It does the job, and it does it excellently. Without a doubt, the world’s smallest Bluetooth adapter sure looks like it’s destined for big things.

Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer

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