amd-phenom-9500-cp2-am2-950.jpgSince the early days of the critically-acclaimed Athlon processors, AMD has been providing us with world-class processors at prices accessible to the mainstream user. Now, with the introduction of their first quad-core processor, the Phenom, AMD seeks to continue its tradition of bringing cutting-edge technology to everyone—from the casual gamer to the demanding office user and everyone in between. If you have always wanted to acquire a true quad-core processor but have always been turned off by the meteoric prices, then give the AMD Phenom 9500 some significant consideration. It is one of the most affordable quad-core processors in the market today.

While very affordable, the AMD Phenom 9500 isn’t one to sacrifice performance at all. It boasts a revolutionary quad-core processor architecture that features all four cores sitting on a single die. AMD calls this a true and “native” quad-core solution. Instead of having to transfer data from core to core across the FSB, this industry-leading “native” quad-core design features an integrated memory controller and a shared L3 cache providing the rapid flow of information between the cores, the main memory and the graphics accelerator. In essence, the Phenom 9500 is able to reach higher levels of computing performance—most especially when faced with the demanding loads in a multi-tasking environment. Indeed, this processor will let you run multiple instances of both single-threaded and multi-threaded applications effortlessly, thereby allowing you to potentially gain a tenfold increase in productivity. Just imagine being able to run resource-hungry applications such as visual design suites, basic office productivity, and Internet browsers all at once without skipping a beat.

Delving deeper into the numbers, the AMD Phenom 9500 clocks in at 2.2 GHz and comes with a 2 MB L3 cache. All the four cores are also equipped with 512 KB of L2 cache memory each. Admittedly, those may not seem like the most mind-blowing set of numbers you’ve seen in a processor. However, as mentioned above, this processor makes use of those numbers in a very efficient and productive manner. This allows the AMD Phenom 9500 to almost breeze through the most challenging loads without having the fastest clock speed or the largest amount of L2 cache. The AMD Phenom is manufactured using the tried-and-tested 65 nm process and as such, it is very dependable and definitely, well-built.

Aside from that, the AMD Phenom 9500 also features the same set of performance-enhancing technologies found in the other Phenom models. The HyperTransport 3.0 Technology highlights that list with its ability to scale performance per the workload of each core. This allows the processor to adjust smoothly to the gamut of computing situations it might come across. The Cool ‘N’ Quiet 2.0 Technology and the AMD CoolCore Technology work in tandem with each other to conserve power during low-stress conditions, allowing for greater energy-efficiency. Last but not the least, the AMD Virtualization Technology aids virtualization software to run more securely and efficiently. All of these technologies make the AMD Phenom 9500 a processor to reckon with.

Enter the next-generation of processors with the quad-core AMD Phenom 9500. It gives you what you ask and seek from quad-core processors without the exorbitant price tag. With its complete set of features and brand-new processor architecture, the AMD Phenom 9500 is definitely worth the money.

Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer

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