canon-mr14ex-main.jpgA Closer Look at the Light

One of the most difficult things to address when doing macro photography is lighting. Under extreme close-ups, there is nary any room left to get sufficient light onto your subject. What you need is a flash unit that is designed for macro photography. You need the Canon MR-14EX Macro Ring Lite.

The Canon MR-14EX Macro Ring Lite is a flash unit that attaches to the end of your camera’s lens. It is equipped with two semi-circular tubes that can fire at even or varied power, simultaneously or separately. It boasts ratio lighting control (1:8 – 8:1, 13 1/2 step increments), and uses four AA-sized batteries. It is fully compatible with all types of EOS bodies and EF Macro lenses except for the EF180mm f/3.5 L Macro USM lens, which requires an additional adapter. Simply attach the MR-14EX’s controller unit to the hot-shoe of your E-TTL capable Canon EOS, attach the ring flash on your macro lens, switch it on, and you’re ready to take some excellent close-up shots. Now, you have enough light to work with, thus giving you the flexibility you need in macro photography.

The primary advantage that the Canon MR-14EX Macro Ring Lite gives you is that it prevents hard shadows on your images. Using a single hot-shoe mounted flash unit casts unsightly shadows on your subject. This is because the light is coming from a single strong point-like source. As a result, the images do not come out natural-looking. With the dual-flash tube setup of the Canon MR-14EX Macro Ring Lite, the light can be evenly balanced on the subject, thereby resulting in more striking images that definitely look more natural. The flash tubes can even be rotated in order to give you control over which direction the lights should come from. And since the tubes can be fired either independently or simultaneously, you have control over how the final image is supposed to look like.

Another remarkable feature found in the Canon MR-14EX Macro Ring Lite is that it supports the EOS line’s flash metering system called E-TTL. While this metering system may sound kind of complicated, it really isn’t. It is a process where it studies the reflective properties of the subject to adjust its flash power accordingly. As you press the shutter button the flash fires a series of weak flashes called the pre-flash. This allows the camera’s metering sensor to calculate the correct power of the flash needed when the shot is finally taken. As it finally completes its computation, the camera then finally opens up its shutter simultaneously triggering the flash with the measured amount of light. This system is very smart as it can determine what the subject is by looking at the active focusing point and then measuring the exposure with the light coming from that area. Indeed, the Canon MR-14EX Macro Ring Lite allows you to compose macro shots with great ease.

The Canon MR-14EX Macro Ring Lite is the ideal lighting solution when doing macro photography. It gives you the power and flexibility to get in close to where the action is.

Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer

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