Jon Penn (Photo Credit: Network World)Managing a network of 60 aging computers is no small task, but it seems to be just fine for an 11 year old Jon Penn at Victory Baptist School. When the network admin up and left just before the start of the school year, the librarian became the ‘go to gal’ to take care of things, and she had a great admin in mind – her son. The Sherwood, Arkansas small private school has even gone through some upgrades.

The first thing Jon found as he leapt into the role of network manager was that he had to map out the network to find out what was on it. He bought some tools for this at CompUSA and realized there was an ungodly amount of computer viruses and spam, so he pressed the school to invest in filtering and anti-virus protection.

We’re are glad to see that Jon was able to utilize CompUSA for his computing needs – and we hope to help you with yours as well.

Source: 11-year-old takes school network by the horns – Network World
Photo Credit: Network World