Sony and AT&T Wireless are teaming up to bring you…GhostBusters.This is kind of a good-news, bad-news story. The good news is that Sony Pictures Television will be the first Hollywood studio to offer full-length movies on your AT&T cell phone. In May, they will launch the service, and the company says that it will offer a “wide-range” of popular titles. The company noted that the titles will be streamed with advertisements.

Okay, so the bad news? The initial launch will offer only three feature film titles. “Bugsy,” “Karate Kid” and “Ghostbusters.” Okay, maybe I’ll watch “Ghostbusters,” or fast-forward through “Karate Kid” to catch a glimpse of the young Elisabeth Shue, but it’s hardly a spectacular lineup of Hollywood hits. It’s kind of puzzling why Sony didn’t break out something a little more powerful for the launch—there are many more great files that have made their theatrical runs, their DVD runs and have even run on TV a million times..

AT&T (probably a big winner in all of this) says it has not yet established a price for a new subscriber package. Oh, one other note: If you’d like to take advantage of this service right now, you’ll need an LG Vu or a Samsung Access phone, the only two models currently supporting the Sony service. But the company said moe phones would be included by May, 2008.

The fact is, more folks would enjoy movies on their cell phones, many people have time to sit and watch, but ultimately it will be the best movies, scripted TV and Live shows that will attract more subcribers.

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