Cenomax Powered by Lite-On IT 7″ Digital Photo FrameTechnology is wonderful simply because it innovates and gives us better ways to cope with the rising demands of contemporary life. While you have to admit that not all innovations are equal in scale, you also can’t argue the fact that no matter how little or how simple an innovation is, the bottom line here is that it presents us with alternative avenues for accomplishing things. Take the coming of digital photo frames for example. Two decades ago or less, we had no other choice but to store our photos in albums that decay over time. Now, with an excellent picture display medium such as the Cenomax Digital Photo Frame, we get to store and display our pictures arguably in a more convenient way. It is a prime example of how a seemingly simple innovation can make a big difference.

The Cenomax Digital Photo Frame makes your photos look good and looks good on its own as well. It comes in a variety of frame designs so you could choose one that fits your room and your style. It is very compact in the modern sense of the word as it is very easy to place on just about any stable surface. The 7-inch LCD screen, which displays images at a resolution of 480 x 234, is brilliant as it is capable. All in all, its design speaks of durability and beauty in simplicity.

Cenomax 7-inch Digital Photo FrameWith the Cenomax Digital Photo Frame, you won’t have to get your dusty and bulky photo albums in the attic in case you want to show your pictures. Digitize your photos and then display them through this innovative little photo frame instead of showing them off on the PC. Without a doubt, this digital photo frame makes displaying your JPEG images more convenient than the old way of having to turn on your PC just to show a photo to your friend. Like a PC however, this digital frame allows you to rotate and zoom on images. You can even do exciting slideshows with this great device.

Whereas old photo frames can only display one picture at the time, with this digital frame, you can display as many images as your memory cards can hold. This frame is compatible with a variety of memory card formats including SD, MMC, Memory Stick, xD, and CF memory cards. And even without a memory card, you’ll still be able to display images thanks to its built-in memory. Simply connect the frame to a PC’s USB port, transfer up to 15 images, and then display them beautifully.

More than that however, the Cenomax Digital Photo Frame is also capable of playing MP3 files. Now, you can add some spice to your slideshows by adding music to them. It is a great feature that further enhances the total picture-viewing experience. Finally, the speakers may look small, but don’t underestimate them because they actually do their job pretty well.

Undeniably, the Cenomax Digital Photo Frame is a simple yet remarkable solution for displaying pictures. It once again proves that simple innovations do make big differences. Quite simply, it is a worthy addition to our contemporary lives.

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