Pure Digital Technologies Flip VideoOnce upon a time, video camcorders used to be the size of a full-grown African elephant. Well maybe not, but without question, they were big, bulky and cumbersome to carry around. They were heavy, and to a certain degree, their innate design features made them difficult to control and manipulate. Plus, they made use of an analog tape medium, which, without proper caring techniques, got dirty and moldy after being kept for some time in storage. Thankfully, you don’t have to endure all those problems anymore. Technology has made video camcorders, the popular little media devices they are today. And that is none more evident than in the case of the Pure Digital Technologies Flip Video Ultra.

The Flip Video Ultra is the latest in Pure Digital Technologies’ line of compact yet fully-functional digital video camcorders. Streamlined and sleek in design, the Flip Video Ultra is actually quite a looker. Its lines and simple color scheme are pleasing to the eyes. The device fits right in the palm of your hand or in your pocket as it is very compact and slim. It doesn’t deviate from the minimalist trend in today’s compact devices, and as such it is easy to learn all of its functions in one go. Stylish simplicity is one of its strengths, and for the most part, it works a great deal.

LCD Screen on the backWhile Pure Digital Technologies’ Flip Video Ultra isn’t one to be flashy when it comes to appearance, it does boast a high level of functionality that few can argue with. Frame your shots through the 1.5-inch no-glare display screen and then with a press of a single button, capture all of life’s daily precious memories—take videos of your family, your friends and everything in between. The device saves the recorded video straight into its one gigabyte of onboard memory—enough size for a 30-minute video. Incorporating advanced video-processing and a high-quality microphone, the device is able to capture extremely vivid videos with great sound. The device even allows you to close in on the action with its 2x digital zoom capability.

After you’ve shot and reviewed your videos on the camera, you can then transfer them directly to your PC through the device’s USB arm. The Pure Digital Technologies Flip Video Ultra features integrated video software, which allows you to instantaneously edit your video, make video greeting cards, or put your own music to the videos. Furthermore, the Flip Video Ultra is designed to work with online video sharing sites letting you upload and share your favorite moments to the Youtube, AOL and the like. Let the whole world see the memories that you keep dear.

To reiterate, the Pure Digital Technologies Flip Video Ultra is a simple yet functional digital video recorder. While it is small in size, this device solves your video-capturing dilemmas in quite a big way.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales