The days of standard definition televisions are truly numbered. As we are no longer impressed by standard DVD-quality movies, we find the need to see television images and home movies in a much higher resolution. We crave something that is going to captivate us, and make us fall in love with our television once again. That something is HDTVs—the next step in the evolution of our beloved little black boxes. The 55-inch Olevia 255T FHD LCD HDTV is one of them, and is the ideal choice for those looking to finally step into 1080p playback, the next generation of television viewing.

Designed to deliver a one-of-a-kind viewing experience, the Olevia 255T FHD is definitely a crowd pleaser. It comes from the fast-growing family of Olevia 2-series HD televisions, which are manufactured by Syntax-Brillian. These are the same guys who brought us quality Vivitar cameras, so we can expect nothing than top quality from the Olevia 255T FHD LCD HDTV, and it shows.

However, what critics and mainstream users will see and appreciate is this HDTV’s innate beauty. It is simply dazzling to look at: cut from simple lines, with a very lustrous surface and a polished stand. Its bezel, or frame is very thin, which means there is more actual viewing space for everyone to see. Once you showcase it in your living or theater room, it will be hard for anyone—friends or family members—to not compliment the set.

Blu-ray LogoTurn it on, connect a Blu-ray player, pop in a movie and your audience will be even more enthralled. With its beautiful 55-inch screen capable of outputting images at resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080, the level of crispness and picture detail will astound you. The 55-inches of viewable space looks even bigger because of Big Picture Technology, an Olevia technology that provides up to 37% more viewable space with analog images and 11% more for digital broadcast images. Additionally, Director’s Image Technology permits you to adjust the images’ brightness, contrast, color, tint, sharpness according to your own liking. This task is made even easier thanks to the television’s user friendly on-screen display and easy-to-use scroll wheel, which lets you achieve the exact image that you want.

HDMI CableThe Olevia 255T FHD LCD HDTV is best used for widescreen movies thanks to its native aspect ratio of 16:9. With this HDTV, you have the potential to view movies in the highest resolution possible, and in the format that the director originally intended. It is fully capable of receiving 1080p signals, which as you know is highest resolution rating achievable on a television today. Enjoy noise-free and lossless image quality with its support for high-fidelity inputs including composite and of course, HDMI. Also, the option to use the display for your PC is readily available thanks to its 15-pin D-sub input.

HDTV is here, and here to stay with the Olevia 255T FHD LCD HDTV. Simply put, it offers all you want in an 1080p High Definition LCD and then some.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales