Canon Pixma MP460 Color MultiFunction Inkjet PrinterDon’t you just wish for an office machine that could simply do all the important things that need to be done? Or maybe you’d want a machine that fuses your printer and scanner together, so you could regain some valuable space in your already cramped working area at home? You’d wonder how complicated it could be for a manufacturer to come up with such a machine when after all, cellular phones are doing this convergence thing for quite some time now. You can stop wondering now because with the Canon Pixma MP460 you have a machine that, among others, does everyday printing and scanning with ease.

Canon Pixma MP460 Color Multifunction Inkjet PrinterThe Canon Pixma MP460 is a multi-purpose machine that seems to do everything but chop and grind onions. With this all-in-one device, you get to scan, copy and print. Compared to getting several dedicated machines, the Canon Pixma MP460 offers a higher level of convenience and refined simplicity. The reason why is that aside from the fact that this single machine can accomplish so much, it is also very much ergonomically designed. The control interface on the front is fairly simple and intuitive. The curved contours and its glossy finish also do a lot to make it aesthetically pleasing. Indeed, there’s no question that the Canon Pixma MP460 offers so much value for your money while performing all its functions just as well as standalone printers, scanners or copiers.

The Canon Pixma MP460 is a color inkjet printer that boasts precision ink nozzles. This allows it to print high-quality photos with resolutions of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. It is also capable of producing laser-quality text print outs with resolutions of up to 600 x 600 dpi. With print speeds of up to 22ppm for black documents and 17ppm for colored ones, it finishes print jobs in no time at all, thus allowing you to focus on the bigger tasks at hand.

Canon Pixma MP460 can print directly from an SD flash memory cardYou can even preview images before you print them thanks to the smallish yet capable 1,9-inch color LCD display on the front. It is very flexible as well as it allows you to send print jobs to it through various means. You can choose to insert an SD memory card directly, connect a PictBridge-enabled camera/DV camcorder, or use wireless connections such as Bluetooth and Infrared. This variety of connectivity options ensures that you won’t have any excuses of not being able to print. Lastly, it also accepts a bevy of paper types and sizes including Letter, Legal, and Credit Card-sized, among others. Surely, it’s a great printer all on its own.

Canon Pixma MP460 Inkjet PrinterAs impressive as it is a printer, the Canon Pixma MP460 also handles scanning and copying functions excellently. Get beautiful scans of up to 1200-dpi, with vibrant 48-bit color depth. It is a very powerful scanner as it can scan photos, forms or even thicker documents such as notebooks. The USB 2.0 connection it utilizes ensures fast scanning speeds and transfer of image data. As a copier, the Canon Pixma MP460 makes an impact as well. Whether it be black or colored documents, this machine copies fast, and its Dual Color Gamut Technology automatically optimizes image copy quality.

The Canon Pixma MP460 illustrates the beauty of a true multi-purpose machine. Do more, and save money and time with the Canon Pixma MP460.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales