HP dx2250 RT878UT AMD Desktop ComputerIn accordance to the growing desire to continually develop energy-saving computers, HP has actively released a variety of desktop computers that businesses will find very beneficial. Taking on green computing has recently been the goal of companies primarily because newer, more efficient models are designed to lessen power consumption which in turn means significant profit in the long run. If you own a small to medium business and you’d like to have the perfect budget PC that will help save our planet, you should get the HP dx2250 Desktop Computer running on the AMD Athlon 64 Processor.

Affordable Green Computing

Suited for basic computing tasks like word processing, e-mail, and web browsing, this particular HP dx2250 Desktop Computer runs on an AMD Athlon 64 processor that help enable electricity cost savings through significantly lower power consumption. This outstanding 64-bit processor also provides a seamless upgrade path to next-generation software and hardware, as well as proper support for both Microsoft Windows® XP™ and Vista™ operating systems. Working with two technologies for optimum performance, this state-of-the-art processor helps enable electricity cost savings, while generating less heat and less noise. Thanks to AMD’s Cool’n’Quiet technology, you’ll definitely experience not only a reduced overall power consumption, but also lower heat generation that allows for slower and quieter cooling fan operation.

HP dx2250 RT878UT AMD Desktop Computer

Meanwhile, dedicated HyperTransport technology provides more bandwidth compared with other current technologies. It is high-speed, and of low latency, so you get to run faster and smoother applications on your computer, and therefore become more productive. The AMD Athlon 64’s 2000MHz processor speed is certainly more than enough for your business computing needs. And because the powerhouse processor is run by a Radeon Xpress 1150 chipset that offers higher graphics performance and additional features such as component video, you get the best solution for your business. Meeting requirements for Windows Vista™ Premium and providing support for the high resolution 3D Aero™ user interface, you get to enjoy stunning graphics on your monitor or LCD display.

HP dx2250 RT878UT AMD Desktop Computer with side openMain selling point aside, the HP dx2250 Desktop Computer is still feature-rich and definitely upgradeable. For greater terminal flexibility, this business workstation offers convenient audio, and USB 2.0, ports. In terms of hard drive storage capacity, it can hold up to 80GB. That is more than enough for your basic business computing and daily work. For further mind-blowing graphics, a PCI express x16 is included in this energy-efficient computing wonder.

If you are looking for the energy-efficient solution available at low cost, get the HP dx2250 Desktop Computer. With this business computer, you will experience a reduction in operating costs, enhanced productivity, and a definitely happier planet. With high-performance DDR-2 SDRAM memory, USB 2.0 connectivity for significantly increased data transfer speed, and support for SATA hard drives, this is a great value especially considering the reliable HP brand it carries.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles