Olevia 37-inch 720p HD 537H LCD TVWith the absurd amount of HDTVs in production today, it could be difficult to find one that fits your needs and at the same time, exceeds your expectations. There’s no question that HDTVs are not the most affordable devices around. That is why you want to get one that satisfies you and gives enough value for your money. It is very frustrating to get an HDTV only to see that it is of low quality. That being said, let me introduce you to one that is very capable. Check out the Olevia 537H LCD HDTV, and prepare yourself to be duly impressed.

A High Class Display

It takes only a single look to love the Olevia 537H LCD HDTV. A well-balanced design with the right amount of flair and practicality, this HDTV blends in wherever you put it. It echoes the sensibilities of contemporary times. Its compact profile makes it easy to place in virtually any setting. Likewise, the light gray patina of its bezel beautifully contrasts the rich colors of the images it produces. So, not only will you be seeing amazing images, you’ll be adding beauty to your room as well.

Art in motion has come to define modern HDTVs like the Olevia 537H LCD HDTV. Watching fast-moving images and movies is simply a joy to behold on this HDTV’s vivid 37-inch 720p LCD screen. Packed to the brim with industry-leading technologies and Olevia-first features, this HDTV is able to achieve great visuals as well as sounds. It is powered by MTK’s cutting-edge video processor technology, which allows it to support a resolution of up to 1080i, and achieve a 1600:1 dynamic contrast ratio, wide viewing angles and a fast response time. In layman’s terms, that means images come out looking extremely sharp, with great depth and nary a hint of image ghosting. The audio side of things is just as impressive. The bottom-mounted speakers fully complement its surround sound audio processor, which translates to great out-of-the-box sounds. The results are simply spectacular.

Olevia 37-inch 537H LCD HDTV ports

What’s more, Director’s Image technology allows for a wide spectrum of colors to be displayed for a truly exhilarating visual experience. This technology, along with the user-friendly on screen control panel, makes it easy to adjust the brightness, color, tint, and sharpness for superior image customization. Other than this, the HDTV is equipped with Big Picture Technology, which allows it to display up to 37% more of analog images and 11% more of digital images without a hint of distortion. To make sure that its firmware is always the latest, this HDTV allows you to update through the USB port.

Adding icing to the cake are the variety of standards it supports. It is compatible with video connectors including S-Video, component, HDMI and even VGA (15-pin D-sub). Additionally, it is capable of decoding both NTSC and ATSC video signals.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales