Sceptre x24wg-Naga 24″ Widescreen LCD MonitorIn this day and age, every company in the technology industry has been continually developing newer technologies for their products in their attempt to outdo each other. This leaves the average consumer utterly confused as to which product to buy. Even a simple task like choosing the right LCD monitor for your specific lifestyle becomes as hard as a Calculus exam, because you have to take response time, resolution, and connectivity, apart from additional bonus features, into consideration. But, if you’re a video or games aficionado looking for the perfect great-value monitor that can provide excellent graphic display, then you should see what the Sceptre x24wg-Naga 24″ Widescreen LCD Display has to offer.

The Sceptre of Sensory Supremacy

This black HDTV Video and PC monitor has a big 24 inch screen in a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, an ideal size for more a satisfying movie experience. With the 1920×1200 maximum resolution and 4000:1 contrast ratio, you’ll get to see deeper blacks and brighter colors. Even PC gamers will have nothing bad to say about the 2ms response time the Sceptre x24wg-Naga 24″ Widescreen LCD is capable of. Because of its ability to get rid of blurry images and highly-pixelated videos, everyone can now say hello to a whole new world of cinematic pleasure right in front of their eyes.

Sceptre x24wg-Naga 24″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

This PC monitor will never cease to amaze you. Besides its impressively bright display, it has other features worth noting. In terms of terminal flexibility, Sceptre x24wg-Naga 24″ Widescreen LCD has two different inputs, analog and digital, so connectivity will never be an issue. With its amazingly wide viewing angle of 160 degrees (both horizontally and vertically) you will get to enjoy countless hours of videos, movies and games with your friends.

Aside from these already cool features, the Sceptre x24wg-Naga 24″ Widescreen LCD is Windows Vista Certified, which means that the monitor meets the requirements demanded by the new Vista OS. Additionally, this already-impressive display boasts of having easy-to-use controls that help you quickly adjust the contrast, brightness, and color temperature of the screen to match your taste. This is definitely a great-value mid-range product that not only delivers crisp and clear images, but also has enough functionality to blow away anyone who uses it.

With dual connectivity, great image resolution, fast response time, and intuitive controls, the Sceptre x24wg-Naga 24″ Widescreen LCD is the perfect monitor for any movie junkie or gaming enthusiast!

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles