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LocationFree Base Station – Broadcast your Media

Sony LocationFree LF-V30

Sony Location Free LF-V30The LocationFree Base Station is awesome. It’s not often that a device makes me say – wow – that’s awesome! But Sony did an incredible job with this device. Designed to provide you the ability to access your television, DVD player, VCR or DVR from anywhere – including your PSP, Cellular Phone or Laptop – but I’ve realized how this device really provides benefit.

How often are you sitting in the bedroom or office, surfing the web, okay – you are on MySpace, and while you kinda wish you were watching the show you can kinda hear from the living room, you want your privacy – no problem if you have the LocationFree BaseStation – you just connect over your home wireless network – and boom! You have TV! Plus, if you are traveling, you can tune in to you home TV station – from your house over the Internet.

Upcoming Releases: Grand Theft Auto IV and Mario Kart Wii

April 29 will be an important day for Take-Two Interactive software, maker of the upcoming “Grand Theft Auto IV,” the latest edition of the very adult series. With its solid reputation for violence and vulgarity, Take-Two braces for reaction to it’s newest release. While previous releases have been surrounded by controversy—they’ve also been wildly successful. Chances are, they’ll face another round of both, and judging from an e-mail comment by the Entertainment Software Association’s chief executive, Mike Gallagher, they know it.” High-profile titles provide a unique opportunity to underscore our goal to empower parents with information and tools so they can make the right choices for their families.” Mr. Gallagher said.

Crucial 1024MB PC4200 DDR2 Memory

Crucial 1024MB Memory StickOne of the fastest and most cost-effective ways of improving the performance of your PC is by adding Memory. There’s no question that programs are getting more demanding by the minute and little by little, you might notice that your PC is slowing down. While your impulse might be to get a totally new system, it would be wise to see if adding RAM helps. Memory alone can boost your PC’s performance in a quick and easy way. Since it’s also one of the most affordable PC components, you’ll be increasing performance without shelling out too much money. Want our advice? Get the Crucial 1024MB PC4200 DDR2 RAM module for an instant performance boost!