HP LaserJet M3027x MFC Laser PrinterPrinters have become standard in home and office computer use. They can churn out photos indistinguishable from lab-processed ones, as well as print them on stickers, transparencies, banners, and greeting cards as well. There is no denying the capabilities of today’s printers. However, in an office setup, it is imperative that equipment used is reliable and affordable. This is why the best choice for your office is a machine capable of delivering high performance quality while remaining ultimately reliable. The HP LaserJet M3027X MFP is designed to do just that.

Get Set for this Laserjet

Manufactured and engineered by Hewlett Packard, the LaserJet M3027X MFP printer is so versatile and flexible that you’ll never regret purchasing it. The HP LaserJet M3027X MFP is a great copying machine (This might be why such a huge swath of the printer market share belongs to HP). Capable of scanning up to 600dpi, clear, concise copies are virtually assured. You can even reduce or enlarge copied images from 25% to 400% original size.

HP LaserJet M3027x MFC Laser Printer is perfect for your office needs!

Since laser printers usually outrun inkjets, this machine cranks out black and white text at a rate of 9 to 27 pages per minute. Black-and-white laser printers cost about as much as mid priced inkjets in general, but this one in particular is cheaper and easier to operate. You can print thousands of monocolor pages for a per-page cost of 2 to 3 cents and its Maximum Duty Cycle reaches 75,000 Pages per Month. (That math ends up equaling more work than your employees probably ever do.) You’ll definitely appreciate the HP LaserJet M3027X MFP for constant, great performance, especially considering the impressive 27 page per minute output speed and 1200x1200dpi resolution. This magnificent machine is the ideal office tool for your business!This magnificent machine is the ideal office tool for your business!

In addition, to its copying and printing capability, the HP LaserJet M3027X MFP has a handy auto-duplexer, and features astounding scanning and fax capabilities. The fax machine function allows you to hold A4 pages in memory, and gives you 110 broadcasting stations with fax forwarding and automatic redialing. So besides having the luxury of a high-grade photocopier and printer, you get the added bonus of so many other pieces of helpful workplace equipment.

HP LaserJet M3027x MFC Laser PrinterThe HP LaserJet M3027X MFP is a true plug-and-play device: it can be conveniently attached via USB to any portable or desktop computer running Windows or Mac operating systems. How convenient is that? And since it can easily print, copy, scan, fax and send workjobs to your email, office work will be faster and productive than ever before! As the saying goes, “Time is money.” If that sounds like your motto, then this incredible LaserJet printer is perfect for you.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles