Due to the level of competition found in the current laptop market, there seems to be a widespread parity among the ranks of power-packed laptops today. There are still some models which really outshine the rest. One of these is the Sony VAIO VGN-TZ130NB Laptop Computer. Here we have a laptop computer that is impressive in both looks and performance.

An Ultra-Remarkable UltraPortable PC

Sony’s series of VAIO laptops have always been noteworthy for their styling. True enough, the Sony VAIO VGN-TZ130NB Laptop Computer continues this tradition and is, without question, a real head-turner. When it comes to style and good looks, the chances of finding another laptop that is as sexy as this VAIO are slim to none. Its exterior is clean and streamlined—clearly the result of a design philosophy that speaks of beauty in simplicity. The same could be said for the interior: everything is polished to a high-shine without any distracting design elements in sight.

Attention to detail has been given to even the most mundane parts. Its battery unit is styled in a cylindrical fashion that perfectly complements the main body’s angular looks. Its keyboard features an extra support layer just below the bezel that lends to added structural integrity and reduced typing noise. The individual keys are slightly raised not only to produce a more pleasing look, but also to provide an enhanced typing experience. Even the VAIO brand emblazoned on the surface is, in many ways, more eye-pleasing than what you’d find in other laptops.

As an ultraportable, this VAIO stands proudly like the best of them. This laptop is amazingly compact as it is less than an inch thick and weighs a mere 2.7 pounds. But don’t let its compact profile fool you as this VAIO utilizes a carbon-fiber casing for extreme durability. And just as durable as its structure, its battery is capable of lasting up to 7.5 hours of use.

Aside from its good looks, this VAIO is also quite the performer. It comes with the Windows Vista Business OS and more than having an impressive graphical user interface, this OS offers greater versatility with its support for newer security standards, energy-saving features, newer Internet protocols and other future technology. Simply put, it makes mobile computing a whole lot better. On the hardware side of things, this VAIO is equipped with an Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo U7500 processor, 1 gigabyte of DDR2 RAM, a 100-gigabyte hard drive and a Dual Layer DVD-RW drive.

The processor works in tandem with the RAM to provide a seamless computing experience. The processor is also very energy-efficient, ideal for the user on the go. The hard drive is big enough for the needs of the modern computer user while the DVD drive is perfect for watching DVDs and backing data up. What’s more, the laptop is Internet-ready with its Wifi capabilities, gigabit LAN and modem ports. And with an 11.1-inch WXGA XBRITE HiColor LCD screen, your viewing experience is perfect down to the last pixel.

To top it all off, this VAIO boasts of fingerprint biometrics technology that allows you to access privileged information with a swipe of your finger. Likewise, a built-in Trusted Platform Module chip enhances security further by protecting data when it is vulnerable to attacks.

The Sony VAIO VGN-TZ130NB is a premier ultraportable choice. Style and function rolled into one compact body—that is the much-vaunted VAIO tradition.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales